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Hundreds Of Hams Help Veterans in Need

Thousands of veterans are saying thanks to a donation from Smithfield ham.

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Hundreds Show For AIDS Walk Washington

A little wet, wintry weather didn't stop the hundreds of supporters who came out for the AIDS Walk on Saturday.

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Record Number Of Hispanic Children Living In Poverty

hispanic children in pg county

For the first time, there are more Hispanic children living in poverty in the United States than white children, a figure which is borne out in the D.C. region.

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Kara Kennedy, Daughter Of Late Sen. Ted Kennedy Dies

Kara Kennedy Allen, the oldest daughter of the late Sen. Edward Kennedy, died Friday at a Washington-area health club.
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Nonprofits Urging Early Start to Holidays

Nonprofit groups in the mid-Atlantic region are challenging at least 35,000 donors to support their favorite regional charities in early November.
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Lights, Camera and Lots of Action in the Local Film Industry

The film industry in the D.C. area has been enjoying a boom in recent months, in part thanks to local governments offering incentives for production companies to shoot here.

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Talking Trash In Baltimore

One Baltimore retiree is on a quest to clean up his city's mini-landfills.