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U.N.: End Greenhouse Emissions By 2100 Or Risk 'Irreversible' Damage

A new report says that if human-produced, heat-trapping gases aren't phased out by the end of the century, there will be "severe, pervasive and irreversible" consequences.

Standard Time Starts, And The Summer-Haters Celebrate

Some people have SAD — seasonal affective disorder — in reverse. For these people, today is the best day of the year.

Co-Pilot Killed In SpaceShipTwo Crash Was Experienced And Steady

Mike Alsbury, 39, died when Virgin Galactic's prototype reusable space plane apparently broke apart in midair over the Mojave Desert during a test flight on Friday.

Nutritious Acorns Don't Have To Just Be Snacks For Squirrels

Despite acorns' wide geographic range and long culinary history, few people eat them. But some fans say they're an untapped nutritional resource — if you're willing to do the work to process them.

Investigation Of Deadly Spaceship Crash Begins In Mojave Desert

Federal officials are looking into why the Virgin Galactic SpaceShipTwo crashed in California during a test flight that left one pilot dead.

In Texas, The World's Biggest Bat Colony Is Saved From City Sprawl

The city of San Antonio and conservation groups teamed up to buy land threatened with development near the Bracken Bat Cave, summer home to millions of bat mothers and babies.

Entomologist Slammed For Euthanizing 'Puppy Spider'

Piotr Naskrecki's blog post about finding a "puppy-sized" spider in the wilds of Guyana went viral — then the hate mail and death threats started coming in. NPR's Scott Simon talks to Naskrecki.

Virgin Galactic Crash Raises Questions About Private Space Ventures

NPR's Scott Simon talks to reporter Joel Glenn Brenner about the Virgin Galactic SpaceShip Two crash. She knew both pilots who were on board the spacecraft.

With Style And Silo, 'Modern Farmer' Melds Agrarian With Urban Hip

Modern Farmer is less than two years old but it's already won a National Magazine Award. "We're making fun of ourselves, in a way, because we don't know anything about farming," says the editor.

Virgin Galactic 'Spaceship Two' Crashes In Calif.

The Virgin Galactic Spaceship Two was undergoing a test flight when it crashed in the California Desert. The spaceship is designed to take tourists to space.