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LISTEN: What Does A Powerful El Niño Mean For Washington's Weather?

Jason Samenow of the Capital Weather Gang explains what warmer-than-usual Pacific Ocean water temperatures might portend for regional and global weather. Will we see some blizzards this winter?


NIH Retires The Last Of Its Research Chimps

After retiring hundreds of research chimpanzees in 2013, the National Institutes of Health says 50 remaining chimps will no longer be used for medical studies.

A Tiny Pill Monitors Vital Signs From Deep Inside The Body

Sensors that work inside the body are gaining new skills. The latest version can track heart rate and respiratory rate, as well as temperature, as it travels through the digestive system.

Premium, Young And Natural: The Turkey Labels We Cluck-Cluck Over

Turkeys these days are often plastered with an array of terms that can confuse and even mislead consumers. Here's a glossary of jargon for the wannabe informed Thanksgiving turkey buyer.

Is Sex Once A Week Enough For A Happy Relationship?

A study of thousands of people, most in committed relationships, finds that having sex about once a week correlates best with happiness and well-being. More didn't turn out to be better.

We Know China Has Ghost Cities, But Where Are They Hiding?

The locations of the infamous empty housing complexes have been secret, but ghost city hunters are now using smartphones and GPS receivers to track them down.

There's More To Wage Cuts Than Just Lost Pay

Researchers find that wage cuts endured by workers whose peers do not have their wages cut are much more painful and detrimental to morale than wage cuts that are experienced by everyone on a team.

Paris Climate Conference Represents 'Best Chance' For World To Act

NPR's Ari Shapiro talks to Todd Stern, the U.S. special envoy for climate change, ahead of the Paris Climate Conference. Negotiators from nearly 200 countries will discuss how to slow climate change.

Natural History Museums Rife With Mislabeled Specimens, Researchers Find

As many as half of all natural history specimens sitting in our museums are mislabeled, according to a team at the University of Oxford and the Royal Botanic Garden in Edinburgh.NPR hears from Zoe Goodwin who is the lead author the study.

Entrepreneurs Pitch Sustainable Seafood Ideas. Investors Take The Bait

At Fish 2.0, entrepreneurs get the chance to sell their ideas for modernizing the industry to a roomful of investors and venture capitalists. It's kind of like TV's Shark Tank — for the fish world.