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How To Catch The Biggest Wave In The Universe

An L-shaped machine in Louisiana is hunting for some of the most powerful waves in existence: gravitational waves. This wave detector acts like a giant tape measure to capture bends in space and time.

White House Announces New Fuel Efficiency Standards For Trucks, Buses

The Obama administration has announced new fuel efficiency standards for trucks and buses.

Short Answers To Big Questions: The Power Of Earth's Magnetic Field

All Things Considered asked listeners to ask our resident astrophysicist big questions, so we can give you short answers. Today we explore magnetic fields and explain why they are so powerful on Earth.

'Roaring Wind' Examines Extreme Weather, And The Power Of Air

Biologist Bill Streever sailed from Texas to Guatemala while doing research for his new book, And Soon I Heard a Roaring Wind. He says the wind was working against him "most of the time."

Why High-Income Households Benefit More From Product Innovations

A Stanford University researcher finds that products purchased mainly by poor people were increasing in price much more quickly than those purchased by the wealthy.
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Oscar-Winning Screenwriter And Author Graham Moore

The Oscar-winning screenwriter of "The Imitation Game" is out with a new historical thriller, also headed for Hollywood. His novel reimagines the dramatic legal battle over the invention of the lightbulb. Graham Moore on bringing history to life on the big screen.


Fishing And Foraging: How To Catch Your Seafood, Ethically

Fisherman Kirk Lombard's new book teaches people to fish and forage along the northern California coast, while urging them to harvest in moderation, follow regulations and respect sea creatures.

The Physics And Psychology Of 'The Wave' At Sporting Events

You may love or hate "the wave" as it sweeps through spectators at baseball, football and soccer games. But physicists say the synchronized action shows how humans are like particles.

Will Your Prescription Meds Be Covered Next Year? Better Check!

Insurers have released the latest lists of prescription drugs they won't cover in 2017. Express Scripts is excluding 85 drugs and CVS Caremark, 131. Some drugs for diabetes and asthma are out.

The Lobotomy Of Patient H.M: A Personal Tragedy And Scientific Breakthrough

Known as Patient H.M. to the medical community, Henry Molaison was lobotomized — and lost his ability to create memories in the process. His story is one of tragedy and scientific breakthrough.