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In 'Organic Life,' The Making Of America's First Certified Organic Restaurant

Nora Pouillon writes about her lifelong devotion to food in a new memoir, My Organic Life. Her restaurant has been a fixture in the Washington, D.C., food scene since 1979.


Exotic Vinegar Flies Invade California After World Tour

One critter traveled around the globe from Australia on a eucalyptus tree. The other hitched a ride on a Central American flower. These flies are the tip of the invasive insect iceberg in California.

Why Food Companies Should Be More Afraid Of Water Scarcity

An environmental sustainability group assessed how 37 U.S. food companies are responding to escalating water risks. It found most have a long way to go to improve water efficiency and other practices.

U.S. Gives Conditional OK To Shell Oil For Drilling Off Alaska's Arctic Shore

The company wants to resume drilling in the Chukchi Sea off northwestern Alaska; it broke off that effort in 2012 because of safety problems.

Using Investments And Technology To Rebuild Hawaii's Koa Forests

One company is attempting reforestation with an innovative business model. Investors can track the coveted trees using digital IDs. Their money goes to plant new trees that won't be harvested.

In Midst Of Drought, Why Not Harvest Water From The Air?

All Tech Considered explores some experimental and lesser-used technologies for harvesting and disinfecting water.

The Great 'Beyond': Contemplating Life, Sex And Elevators In Space

Astronomer Chris Impey discusses the future of space travel, sex in space and the connection between science and Buddhism. Impey is the author of Beyond: Our Future in Space.

Two Guys In Paris Aim To Charm The World Into Climate Action

It's a nightmarish job: No exercise or fresh air and little food and sleep for days at a time, all in an effort to persuade 200 countries to save Earth's climate and the planet. Can they do it?

If Science Could 'Clone A Mammoth,' Could It Save An Elephant?

De-extinction technology could soon bring back lost species — or preserve endangered ones. In her new book, evolutionary biologist Beth Shapiro explores the scientific and ethical challenges.

Planetary Society Set To Launch Solar Sail Experiment

The first of two satellites carrying the sail is set to launch later this month. A second, scheduled for launch next year, will go into higher orbit to fully test the concept.