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Mindfulness And Transcendental Meditation: Why These Practices Are Having A Moment

Meditation practices like mindfulness and Transcendental Meditation are increasingly popular in the US right now with schools and businesses getting on board. How these practices work, their Asian roots, and what science tells us about expanded states of consciousness.


Hollywood Jet Gives Fearful Fliers The Courage To Soar

A small group boards a 727 jet parked on a studio sound stage in Southern California. The airplane cabin is normally used for filming movies — but these "passengers" have real-world fears.

These Gloves Offer A Modern Twist On Sign Language

Two college students developed SignAloud, gloves that connect to a computer and convert some sign language words and letters into speech and text. In the process, they've learned about deaf culture.

100,000 Orbits Later, International Space Station Still Going Strong

"One-hundred-thousand orbits, the journey continues," NASA astronaut Jeffrey Williams said in a video from space.

London Museum Hopes To Reboot Eric, Britain's First Robot

They have the technology. Now they need the money. The Science Museum has launched a Kickstarter campaign to rebuild Eric, who wowed audiences after he was created in 1928 — and then vanished.

The Power Of Genes, And The Line Between Biology And Destiny

Dr. Siddhartha Mukherjee says genetics play a significant role in identity, temperament, sexual orientation and disease risk — but that environment also matters. His new book is The Gene.

Breaking Down The Science Of Picky Eating

What makes us dislike certain foods? And why is everyone so concerned about what you're eating, anyway? Jane Kauer, an anthropologist who has studied the topic, helps answer our questions.

Rest Easy: New Study Doesn't Change What We Know About Safe Swaddling

A new report on swaddling raised alarm for many new parents, but Joy Victory of tells NPR's Linda Wertheimer they needn't worry.

Amid India's Drought Crisis, Suicides Increase Among Farmers Deep In Debt

In the parched fields of India's central states, the district of Beed in Maharashtra has been buffeted by a multi-year cycle of drought. One widow tells her story of coping with drought and loss.

Physicist Talks 'Great Leaps' Of Physical World In 'Seven Brief Lessons On Physics'

At only 78 pages long, Carlo Rovelli's "Seven Brief Lessons on Physics" is certainly that. He speaks with NPR's Linda Wertheimer about modern physics.