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U.S. Explodes Atomic Bombs Near Beers To See If They Are Safe To Drink

In the midst of the Cold War, many worried about securing a source of safe, drinkable water after a nuclear explosion. The results of a 1957 U.S. government study show that a post-bomb bottle of beer could be a fairly safe, but not tasty, substitute.

Scientists See Upside And Downside Of Sequencing Their Own Genes

Prominent geneticists are getting their own genomes decoded, revealing the benefits and risks.

Shuttle Endeavour Is On Its Way To California

The third of the fleet of four to head off to a retirement home, the shuttle will end its journey in Los Angeles. Along the way it will stop in Houston. There will also be flybys, weather permitting, over San Francisco and Sacramento.

NASA Probes Record Sounds Of Space

Twin spacecraft recently began orbiting the earth, and the probes have been sending back strangely beautiful recordings of the sounds of space. Scientists call it the chorus. The sounds come from the magnetosphere, an area where charged particles from the sun interact with the earth's magnetic field.

It's No Yolk: Mexicans Cope With Egg Shortage, Price Spikes

The new crisis in Mexico isn't the drug war or a plunge in the peso. It's eggs. An avian flu epidemic has led to fewer, more expensive eggs — serious business in a country that eats more eggs, per capita, than any other nation in the world.

Shuttle Endeavour To Begin Voyage To New Home

Piggybacking on a modified jumbo jet, the retired space shuttle will make its way from Florida to a permanent display site at the California Science Center. After this week's final flight, the 170,000-pound shuttle still has to navigate the streets of Los Angeles, which is no easy task.

As Genetic Sequencing Spreads, Excitement, Worries Grow

The cost of deciphering a person's genetic code has dropped faster than the price of flat-screen TVs. But some experts are concerned that access to genomic information could stoke fears and invade privacy.