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Electric Grid Was Designed To Prevent Arizona Outage

But Thursday's power loss, which affected millions of customers in two states and Mexico, still happened — and it's not the first time a similar major blackout has occurred.

The Psychology of 9/11, Ten Years Later

Immediately after the Sept. 11 attacks, many first responders and other victims received psychological care. Ira Flatow and guests look at the psychological effects of 9/11, and what researchers have learned since then about caring for victims of psychological trauma.

'Mosaic' Fossil Could Be Bridge From Apes To Humans

A fossil find in a South African cave has scientists both excited and puzzled: It could be the missing link between our ape-like ancestors and modern humans. The mix of primitive and modern traits is also forcing scientists to re-examine the process of human evolution.

Perry Takes Hard Line On Environmental Issues

Texas Gov. Rick Perry is taking a hard line on the campaign trail when it comes to the environment. He has dismissed global warming and climate change. The Perry administration in Texas has a long record of going after the Environmental Protection Agency.

Though Shuttles Are Retired, NASA Needs More Astronauts, Panel Says

The longer missions of the future, the training needed to fly on Russian ships and other factors combine to create the need for 5 to 10 more, according to the group's report.

After Nuclear Mishap, Japan Debates Energy Future

The Japanese public is demanding that the country move away from nuclear power and toward renewable sources of energy. But it's a tall task for a country with few resources.

Tracks, Equipment Left By Apollo Missions Visible In New Moon Photos

Though not close-ups by any stretch of the imagination, the images do offer more detail than other photos taken two years ago by the Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter, which is now circling the moon.

Nitrogen Study Could 'Rock' A Plant's World

All plants need nitrogen to grow, and a new study says some plants get this nutrient from a surprising source. Conventional wisdom believes nitrogen for plants starts in the air and is converted by microbes in the soil into a usable form. But a report in the journal Nature finds that some nitrogen comes directly from rock. This discovery has implications for global warming.

Astronomers: Ancient Star 'Shouldn't Exist'

Scientists examining a star at the edge of the Milky Way galaxy say it really shouldn't exist. They published their findings in the journal Nature.