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How The Transit Of Venus Helped Unlock The Universe

Less than 250 years ago, the brightest minds of the Enlightenment were stumped over how far the Earth is from the sun. The transits of the 1760s helped answer that question, providing a virtual yardstick for the universe.

Splish Splat? Why Raindrops Don't Kill Mosquitoes

Imagine how tough life would be if raindrops weighed 3 tons apiece as they fell out of the sky at 20 mph. That's how raindrops look to a mosquito, yet a raindrop weighing 50 times more than one can hit the insect and the mosquito will survive.

Rare Transit Of Venus 'A Beautiful Event'

Viewing parties are scheduled across the country Tuesday, when the planet Venus will pass between Earth and the sun. "This is one of the most rare lineups that you'll experience in your lifetime," says the president of the St. Louis Astronomical Society.

The Venus Transit: Who Cares?

There is far deeper and far more intimate reason why the Venus transit matters and it's all about Time.

Beset With Bedbugs? Don't Bother With Bug Bombs

Bug bombs may sound like a high-powered way to deal with a bedbug infestation. But research shows the pesticide fog they create doesn't have faze the tiny pests. And it turns out, the insecticides may only serve to stir up the bugs.

Small-Scale Slaughterhouses Aim To Put The 'Local' Back In Local Meat

Some producers of "local" meat have had little choice but to ship their products hundreds of miles away to process, and then ship it back for sale. So some small producers are banding together to build slaughterhouses closer to home.

As Venus Transits The Face Of The Sun, Here's How To Safely Watch

Do not stare at the sun! That's the first "tip" from all the experts. Instead, make a trusty "pinhole camera" or get hold of some No. 14 welder's goggles.