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Toothbrush Fixes Space Station Problem

The International Space Station was faced with a malfunctioning electrical unit, and astronauts couldn't screw down a new one because the exterior bolts were covered in debris. Then they got the idea of scrubbing the bolts clean with a toothbrush.

When It Comes To Buying Organic, Science And Beliefs Don't Always Mesh

Many of you wrote in to let us know you weren't happy with a recent study on the health benefits of organic foods — or our coverage of it.

'Test And Treat' Strategy For Curbing HIV Draws Questions

Testing everyone for HIV and then giving them early treatment could theoretically eliminate the epidemic in South Africa. A mathematical model of this "test and treat" strategy suggest that it might be more expensive and take significantly longer than previously predicted.

From Mars: Curiosity's Tracks, Up Close And From Above

Images taken by an orbiting satellite and by the rover itself offer fascinating views.
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Smithsonian Displays Mysterious Dagger From The Stars

We head to the Smithsonian's Freer and Sackler Galleries to check out a mysterious dagger forged from a meteorite that fell to earth from outer space.


Nesting Loons Help Researchers Track Toxins

Scientists have found that the aquatic birds are good indicators of toxins in the environment. That's why researchers have taken to the waters of western Maine for what's believed to be the longest-running loon monitoring study in North America.

Who's Your Daddy?: Male Snail Carries Eggs As Cargo

It's not unheard of in the animal kingdom for males to bear the brunt of early child rearing. But in one species of snail found off the coast of Baja California, many of the eggs the males lug around on their shells aren't even their own offspring.
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NASA Reschedules Rocket Launch For Thursday

It's a bird! It's a plane! Actually, if you're looking at Virginia's Eastern Shore Thursday morning, it's likely you're seeing the first flight of NASA's Talos-Terrier-Oriole launch vehicle


After 35 Years, Voyager Nears Edge Of Solar System

One of the twin space probes launched 35 years ago has traveled more than 11 billion miles from Earth. The Voyager probes were originally slated just to examine Jupiter and Saturn during a five-year trip.