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Attacking Alzheimer's With Antibodies, Hormones

Researchers are attempting to treat Alzheimer's disease with antibodies, hormones and gene therapy. But will any lead to a cure? Ronald Petersen, director of the Mayo Alzheimer's Disease Research Center, talks about the latest research, and whether there might someday be a vaccine to protect the aging brain.

Martian Lab Made In Manhattan

Curiosity carries one of the most "complicated instruments ever to land on the surface of another planet," according to NASA. The rover's "Sample Analysis at Mars" — which can take dirt and crushed rock from the Red Planet and analyze those samples for indicators of alien life — was partly built in the Big Apple by Honeybee Robotics. Flora Lichtman got a tour of the facility.

So You Landed On Mars. Now What?

Adam Steltzner, the leader of the Mars rover's entry, descent and landing engineering team, says he was terrified of "a false positive celebration" in the control room. Fortunately for him, Curiosity landed perfectly. Now he's eyeing Jupiter's moon.

Followers Embrace Curiosity's Mars Tweets

The Mars rover Curiosity is exploring the surface of the Red Planet in the Gale Crater, and it is also tweeting about its mission. The rover has a distinct personality, albeit one made by the strokes on a keyboard from the Jet Propulsion Lab in Pasadena, Calif.

Why Is The World's Largest Foundation Buying Fake Poop?

The Gates Foundation has granted engineers more than $3 million to develop cheap, high-tech toilets that don't need water or electricity. To test these supercommodes, the foundation has purchased 50 pounds of soybean paste that resembles human waste.

How A Texas Town Became Water Smart

San Antonio dramatically cut consumption and invested in water recycling and desalination projects. The city still uses about the same amount of water it did in the early '90s even though it has added more than 300,000 residents. It now bills itself as "Water's Most Resourceful City."

Study: Humans, Elephants User Similar Vocalizations

Audie Cornish talks to Tecumseh Fitch of the University of Vienna in Austria about the science behind elephant communication through sound.