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'Kitty Cam' Reveals The Secret Life Of Roaming Cats

Researchers at the University of Georgia, working with the National Geographic Society, are revealing the hidden lives of cats. Small video cameras on the necks of dozens of domestic cats show surprising hunting habits, and cats cheating on their owners. Melissa Block talks with wildlife ecologist Kerrie Anne Loyd.

After 'Terror,' Mars Scientists Plan Exploration

The Curiosity rover nailed its dismount, following a complex routine of aerial acrobatics last weekend. Now, after the thrill of the picture-perfect landing, scientists are eager to start the real mission. John Grotzinger, project scientist for the Mars Science Laboratory mission, describes the immediate goals for the Curiosity rover, now in Gale Crater on Mars.

Catching Up With Tom Swift a Century Later

Science fiction hero Tom Swift has amazed children with his incredible inventions since combustion and electricity drove the nation into a new era. These stories captured a cultural love of science and inspired such famous figures as Steve Wozniak and Isaac Asimov — all while predicting new technologies decades in advance.

SciFri Book Club Talks 'Monkey Mind'

The Science Friday Book Club reconvenes this week to talk about Monkey Mind--writer Daniel Smith's personal account of his severe anxiety. Kirkus Reviews calls the book "a true treasure-trove of insight laced with humor and polished prose." Call in and share your review. Peer into the anxious mind of writer Daniel Smith with the SciFri Book Club.

Amidst Rocky Peaks, Physicists Ponder The Universe

For fifty years, physicists have flocked to the Aspen Center for Physics to ponder their ideas amidst the serenity of the Rocky Mountains. The string theory revolution started there, and over the years the center has hosted 10,000 theoretical physicists--53 of whom are Nobel laureates.

Attacking Alzheimer's With Antibodies, Hormones

Researchers are attempting to treat Alzheimer's disease with antibodies, hormones and gene therapy. But will any lead to a cure? Ronald Petersen, director of the Mayo Alzheimer's Disease Research Center, talks about the latest research, and whether there might someday be a vaccine to protect the aging brain.

Martian Lab Made In Manhattan

Curiosity carries one of the most "complicated instruments ever to land on the surface of another planet," according to NASA. The rover's "Sample Analysis at Mars" — which can take dirt and crushed rock from the Red Planet and analyze those samples for indicators of alien life — was partly built in the Big Apple by Honeybee Robotics. Flora Lichtman got a tour of the facility.