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Scott Stossel: "My Age Of Anxiety"

Atlantic magazine editor Scott Stossel's new book explores his own acute anxiety disorders and attempts at treatment, as well as the fascinating science and history behind these psychological conditions.


Dying Stars Write Their Own Swan Songs

Astronomy professor Alicia Soderberg is turning the final moments of stars into music. In doing so, she's learning just how different the supernova explosions can be.

A Green-Movement Website Shakes Up The Debate Over GMOs

If you're confused by the fight over genetically modified food — and even more if your mind is already made up — you might want to turn to an investigation of the topic carried out by the environmental website Grist. Instead of preaching to the deep-green choir, Grist's in-depth series questioned its faith.

When Big Carnivores Go Down, Even Vegetarians Take The Hit

A drop in the numbers of fierce beasts worldwide might seem like good news for deer and antelope. But expanding herds of grass-eaters leave stream banks naked and vulnerable to erosion, and can even change the stream's course, according to scientists calling for more protection of large predators.

It's Not Magic On The Mountain, It's A Rain-Making Machine

The snowpack in the Mountain West is at just a small fraction of its normal level, and it was the driest year ever recorded in many parts of California. Cloud seeders are trying to squeeze raindrops out of Mother Nature by spraying tiny silver iodide particles into incoming clouds.

Space Music: How To Hear Solar Flares From The Moon

Space weather can be heard, in a sense, by tuning in to CRaTER Radio, a "sonification" project that uses data from a NASA lunar orbiter to generate musical sounds. The results are then streamed onto the Internet.

Is Sugar Addiction Why So Many January Diets Fail?

Over the last few years, scientists who study the way food influences our brains and bodies have been moving toward a consensus that sugar is addictive. We've rounded up their tips on how to conquer cravings for one of nature's most pleasurable substances.

Aurora Watchers 'May Be In Luck' As Solar Flare Reaches Earth

NOAA's Space Weather Prediction Center says the Earth-bound coronal mass ejection from Tuesday's X-class solar flare was "slightly overdue."

A Rain Forest Begins With Rain, Right? Is This A Trick Question?

This is a "Which came first?" riddle. Not chicken vs. egg. This one is about rain forests. When rain forests begin, do they start with rain ("Yes!" say I) or trees ("No! That's ridiculous!" say I)? I should warn you: Sometimes nature has a sense of humor.

There She Blew! Volcanic Evidence Of The World's First Map

Some archaeologists have long suspected that a faded painting from the ruins of the 9,000-year-old village known as Catalhoyuk might be a map — of a settlement at the foot of an erupting volcano. Others said no. Now geologists have evidence that the volcano indeed erupted around that time.