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Our Skin's Sense Of Time Helps Protect Against UV Damage

A study shows that genes that help our skin withstand damage from ultraviolet light kick in during the day. At night, our skin focuses instead on regenerating cells that were damaged during the day. This built-in system helps protect us from premature aging and skin cancer.

Why Is The Higgs Boson A 'Big Whoop' For All Of Us?

The physicists who discovered the so-called 'God Particle' were awarded the Nobel Prize this year, but one writer says people still aren't paying enough attention. Scientist Ainissa Ramirez tells host Michel Martin why more people should care about the Higgs Boson, and why they probably won't.

Why Scientists Held Back Details On A Unique Botulinum Toxin

Journal editors would usually require researchers to disclose the genetic sequences needed to make a toxin that is the subject of a scientific paper. But the requirement was waived in the case of a new botulinum toxin because of the security risk.

Nobel Chemistry Prize Goes To Scientists Who Made Computer Models

The Nobel Prize in Chemistry was awarded jointly to Martin Karplus, Michael Levitt and Arieh Warshel Wednesday. Karplus, Levitt and Warshel won the prize for laying the foundation for computer models that help researchers understand and predict chemical processes like the purification of exhaust fumes or photosynthesis in green leaves.

Fish For Dinner? Here Are A Few Tips For Sea Life Lovers

Shopping for wild-caught fish can be ethically fraught for sustainability-minded consumers, because some fishing methods can result in large amounts of bycatch: the dolphins, seals and other marine life that can get snared and killed in the process.
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Getting Treatment For Mental Illness

The modern history of treating mental illness in America: Why the U.S. fails to meet the needs of so many people suffering from mental illness and what can be done about it.


An Innovation For Pain Relief That's Worthy Of Some Buzz

With a son who had a phobia of needles, Dr. Amy Baxter stumbled upon a solution: a high-frequency vibrating ice pack that helps disrupt pain signals on their way to the brain. She stuck a cute bee on the front, won a $1 million federal health grant, and the product now known as Buzzy was born.

Jupiter Or Bust, But First A Quick Fly-By Of Home

NASA's Juno space probe has traveled about 1 billion miles on its course to reach Jupiter in 2016. Yet it's nearly back where it started — Juno will be 347 miles away from Earth on Wednesday afternoon.

One Thing Obama Can Do: Decide The Fate Of The Keystone Pipeline

The president alone can approve or reject construction of the Keystone XL pipeline, which is designed to take crude oil extracted from Alberta, Canada, through America's heartland to refineries on the Gulf Coast. New Yorker journalist Ryan Lizza says Obama could use the decision as a "symbolic turning point in the kind of energy future he wants America to have."