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Shuttle Endeavour To Begin Voyage To New Home

Piggybacking on a modified jumbo jet, the retired space shuttle will make its way from Florida to a permanent display site at the California Science Center. After this week's final flight, the 170,000-pound shuttle still has to navigate the streets of Los Angeles, which is no easy task.

As Genetic Sequencing Spreads, Excitement, Worries Grow

The cost of deciphering a person's genetic code has dropped faster than the price of flat-screen TVs. But some experts are concerned that access to genomic information could stoke fears and invade privacy.

Study: Climate May Have Moved Early Humans

It's pretty well-accepted that the first modern humans evolved in Africa and then decided to head out. Now scientists in England say they've traced when and where they went over a 120,000 year journey. The scientists use modern population genetics as well as climate records and conclude that it was largely climate that influenced the wanderlust.

What Drove Early Man Across Globe? Climate Change

Some of the biggest human migrations coincided with major changes in climate, according to a new analysis. Researchers say early humans set out in search of climates where more food was available. And some populations stayed put in certain locations because barriers like glaciers blocked their progress.

Shriveled Mich. Apple Harvest Means Fewer Jobs, Tough Year Ahead

After a mild winter and a late-April freeze, Michigan's apple harvest was decimated. Less fruit means fewer picking jobs. It also means little to no income from apples in storage that growers rely on to get them through to next year's harvest.