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NASA Details Space Telescope's Cosmic Near Miss

Last year, the Fermi Gamma-ray Space Telescope experienced a dangerous close pass with a Cold War-era spy satellite.

Criminologist Believes Violent Behavior Is Biological

In a new book, The Anatomy of Violence, Adrian Raine argues that violent behavior has a biological basis just like depression or schizophrenia. This raises questions about treatment, accountability and punishment, including the death penalty.

Don't Miss The Premiere Of The World's Smallest Movie

The groundbreaking movie was made by manipulating individual atoms with a high-tech scanning tunneling microscope.

How Doctors Would Know If Syrians Were Hit With Nerve Gas

An international team of doctors is helping Syrian health workers recognize the signs of a chemical attack. They're also teaching them how to collect and preserve tissues as potential evidence if war crimes charges are brought.

The Boomerang Rocket Ship: Shoot It Up, Back It Comes

SpaceX calls it the "Grasshopper" — it's a rocket that doesn't fall back to Earth haphazardly after launch. It carefully returns itself to the launchpad standing up, right where it started.

He Helped Discover Evolution, And Then Became Extinct

Charles Darwin is known as the father of evolution. But another British naturalist, Alfred Russel Wallace, played a major role in developing the theory of natural selection before fading into obscurity. A trip to what's now Sulawesi in Indonesia, and the unique animals he found there, helped form his seminal ideas.

Saturn Shows Off A Massive Spinning Vortex: 'The Rose'

NASA is calling it "The Rose." By any other name, it's a mammoth storm on Saturn, spanning an estimated 1,250 miles with winds swirling at hundreds of miles per hour. The "false-color" image is among the first batch of high-resolution pictures of Saturn's north pole.