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Sap Discovery Could Turn Syrup-Making Upside Down

For centuries, people thought sap had to flow down a tree's body through a spigot at the bottom. But researchers have discovered that sap can flow upwards, too, which allows syrup production from much younger trees, and could even turn maple syrup into a row crop.

Shadow Seen! Groundhog Predicts 6 More Weeks Of Cold

Punxsutawney Phil, the most famous of the nation's prognosticating rodents, is reported to have seen his shadow, indicating no early coming of spring.

At Least 14 Dead In Eruption Of Indonesian Volcano

Mount Sinabung had been active for months and the latest eruption occurred only a day after authorities, believing the worst was over, allowed thousands of evacuees to return to their homes.

Punxsutawney Phil Vs. The Farmers' Almanac: Whom Do You Trust?

We want to know who you turn to for an accurate weather forecast: is it the groundhog, the Farmers' Almanac or the nerds with supercomputers?
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Political Showdown Over Fishing Season In Maryland

The Maryland General Assembly is deeply divided over a proposed law that would transform fisheries management in the state. We get the latest from Annapolis.


Scout Leaders Who Toppled Ancient Rock Formation Are Charged

The men videotaped themselves as one of them pushed over a Jurassic-era sandstone pillar at Utah's Goblin Valley State Park.

State Dept. Delivers Unwelcome News For Keystone Opponents

The department's final environmental assessment of the Keystone XL pipeline found that blocking the project probably wouldn't stop the development of Canada's tar sands. But the review didn't endorse the pipeline either. Secretary Kerry — and, ultimately, President Obama — will have the final say.

U.S. Issues Keystone XL Pipeline Environmental Review

The report concludes that the production of Canada's tar-sand crude, which causes more greenhouse gases than other forms, won't be affected if the pipeline moves forward.

Australia OKs Dumping Dredged Mud In Great Barrier Reef Park

The dredging operation is part of a plan to expand a coal port in Queensland. Environmentalists have warned that dumping sediment could kill off delicate corals, but park officials said dredging would be "subject to strict environmental conditions."

What's The Problem With Feeling On Top Of The World?

Research explores the consequences of boosting self-esteem when it is not justified. When self-esteem is artificially boosted, it reduces performance and effort — as people seek to protect the fragile gain in self-esteem by withdrawing from effort and the risk of failure. When self-esteem is diminished without justification, people appear to work harder to retrieve lost feelings of self-worth.