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The Shutdown's Squeeze On Science And Health

In addition to shutdowns of national parks (including Alcatraz and Yosemite) and the supplemental nutrition program for women, infants and children, the mandatory furloughs are affecting a wide range of government science and health agencies.

Puberty Is Coming Earlier, But That Doesn't Mean Sex Ed Is

Scientists are still trying to understand why more children are reaching puberty earlier than previous generations. Whatever the cause, many young people find they have questions about their changing bodies long before their teachers broach the topic.

When Islands Pop Out Of The Sea

When a powerful earthquake struck Pakistan last week, it triggered a mud volcano that created a new island just off the country's southern coast. It turns out this kind of thing happens every so often. Just ask Charles Darwin.

WATCH: Newborn White Lion Cubs In South Korea

The pair of rare lions were put on public display Tuesday for the first time by South Korea's Everland zoo.

Now You Can Go To Harvard And Learn Cooking Science From Top Chefs

If you've always wanted to take a course at Harvard or with America's most talented chefs, but you didn't have the money, discipline or grades, now's your chance. The best part of this free online class: You can eat your lab experiments.
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A Conversation With Oliver Sacks

Doctor and best-selling author Oliver Sacks' latest book looks at who gets hallucinations and why. The neurologist on his decades-long career exploring the mysteries of the brain.


What's The Forecast On Kepler-7B? Hot And Cloudy

Scientists publishing in Astrophysical Journal Letters say they've used space telescopes to record faint light from the distant planet to get a rough map of its atmosphere.

Here's Something Congress Can Agree On: Helium

With the government on the brink of a shutdown, Republicans and Democrats in Congress have come together on a law to protect the Federal Helium Reserve. Legislation passed late last week will keep the gas used in party balloons flowing from the national stockpile.

Space's Wild: 5 Cool Happenings Along The Final Frontier

Space organizations are taking potential leaps for mankind: SpaceX tries to reuse rocket parts, Orbital Sciences docks a craft to the International Space Station, and NASA is exploring the uses of 3-D printing. Spoiler: One of those uses is pizza.

How Our Stone Age Bodies Struggle To Stay Healthy In Modern Times

In The Story of the Human Body, evolutionary biologist Daniel Lieberman explains how our bodies haven't adapted to modern conditions. The result is "mismatched diseases" — ailments that occur because our bodies weren't designed for the environments in which we now live.