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E-Cigarettes May Match The Patch In Helping Smokers Quit

An experiment to test the value of e-cigarettes as a quitting aid found them as good as the nicotine patch, but there weren't enough people in the study to say they're a good bet for quitting. Public health officials worry that e-cigarettes will encourage tobacco use.

NASA Lunar Orbiter Solves Snag After Successful Launch

The LADEE spacecraft, which began its trip to the moon last night in a launch on Virginia's coast, ran into some mechanical problems, NASA says. But officials say the robotic probe remains on track to reach the moon next month.

Industrial Soot May Have Melted Europe's Glaciers

About 160 years ago, Europe's glaciers began melting, centuries before the temperatures started rising. Now NASA scientists offer a possible explanation for this apparent paradox: Soot from the Industrial Revolution could have heated up the ice. (This piece initially aired Sept. 3 on Morning Edition.)

Captured Sounds From Ausable Marsh

Summer's winding down, but it's still hot and muggy enough for a canoe trek to one of the wildest places in New York state. North Country Public Radio's Brian Mann sends an audio postcard from Ausable Marsh, in the Champlain Valley.

Deep In The Pacific, Scientists Discover Biggest Volcano On Earth

Tamu Massif, first thought to be perhaps dozens of individual volcanoes, turns out to be just one — but it's really big. It's about the size of New Mexico.

Turns Out Your Kids Really Did Love That Music You Played

Music evokes strong memories. That's true not just for the music of your generation, but what your parents listened to, too, a study says. Researchers found a strong "reminiscence bump" for music of the early 1980s in people in their early 20s.

85 Million Have A Shot At Seeing Tonight's Moon Launch

Anyone in a large part of the eastern U.S. may be able to catch a glimpse of the rocket. It's set to launch at 11:27 p.m. ET Friday from NASA's launch pad on the Virginia coast.
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Langdon Cook: "The Mushroom Hunters"

How exotic mushrooms make it from the field to our plates. A mushroom forager takes us into the underground world of hunting for porcinis, morels and truffles.


What We Can Never, Ever Know: Does Science Have Limits?

If we had enough time, enough brain power, the right computers, the occasional genius, is there any limit to what we can know about the universe? Or is nature designed to keep its own secrets, no matter how hard we try to crack the code? What can we never know?

Scientists Put A 'Sixth Sense' For Numbers On Brain Map

Ever wondered how Dustin Hoffman's character in Rain Man quickly counted all those toothpicks on the floor? Scientists have found a region of the brain that allows us to estimate quantities at a glance. Unlike Hoffman's Ray, though, most people are accurate up to only about five toothpicks.