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New and Old Research on Vitamin Supplements

A growing body of research shows that for most people with a normal diet, taking vitamins may do nothing at all -- and overdoing it can even be harmful. We explore the risks and benefits of taking your vitamins.


Unusual Tick-Borne Virus Lurks In Missouri's Woods

Last year, virologists traced the mysterious illness of two Missouri farmers to a virus never seen before. Now, scientists have found the so-called Heartland virus in ticks. The discovery means the U.S. has another tick-borne illness on its hands — and "another reason to avoid getting bit."

A Scientist Debunks The 'Magic' Of Vitamins And Supplements

Physicians are partly to blame for the increasing popularity of untested treatments, says Dr. Paul Offit. Rather than pushing back against misguided patient demand, he says, doctors have "acted like waiters at a restaurant, simply asking, 'What would you like?' "

We Call Him Flipper. But What Do The Dolphins Call Him?

Dolphins, like humans, are part of complex social networks. And research now indicates that they use their unique whistle sounds to identify and communicate with each other. "Every time a dolphin heard its signature whistle, it called back, sometimes multiple times," one researcher says.

Lure Of Flower's Putrid Essence Draws Crowd

The titan arum blooms again, this time at the United States Botanic Garden in Washington, D.C. Eager flower-watchers lined up to experience the plant's distinctive rotting-corpse-like odor.

Fighting Fire With Fire: Why Some Burns Are Good For Nature

Fire is a natural part of the western landscape, and a push over the last century to eliminate fires has threatened the habitats that some plants and animals need. In a Montana valley, fire scientists are trying to show that they can actually save wilderness by burning it.

One Small Step For Man, One Giant Lunar Park For The U.S.?

Two members of Congress want to preserve artifacts from American lunar missions with a national park on the moon, but there are some international hurdles to jump. Still, Space Policy Institute director Dr. Scott Pace says the bill raises intriguing questions about what the future of human-space interaction will look like.

Enlisting Passers-By In Scientific Research

Professor Chris Lowry needed to collect information on stream levels in Western New York but didn't have enough funding for the traditional methods, so he turned to a more creative option: crowdsourcing. Guest host Linda Wertheimer speaks with him about his research and the future of crowdsourcing in scientific inquiries.

Look Up And Smile: NASA's Taking More Photos Of Earth

The Cassini spacecraft that's studying Saturn is turning its camera back toward home on Friday. Earth should appear as a tiny blue dot. Saturday, another spacecraft that's orbiting Mercury will also snap photos of Earth.

Birds Teach The Air Force A Better Way To Fly

The V-shaped formation of geese in flight — known as "vortex surfing" — is being studied as a way to slash fuel bills at the Air Force's gas-guzzling Air Mobility Command.