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Typhoon Vongfong Bears Down On Japan

The storm, briefly classified as a "super typhoon," will still have winds in excess of 100 mph when it hits Okinawa on Saturday.

Stephen Hawking Has A Guest Vocal On Pink Floyd's New Album

The famous cosmologist will appear on the track "Talkin' Hawkin' " on the upcoming album The Endless River, set for release next month. It's his second inclusion on one of the band's songs.

Scientists Coax Human Embryonic Stem Cells Into Making Insulin

Researchers have found a way to mass- produce the pancreatic cells that are insulin factories inside the body. The findings could eventually lead to treatments that would transform diabetes care.

Help Wanted: Unlikely Geniuses To Solve Public Health Problems

The Grand Challenge is a new tradition in the world of public health: asking anyone (and everyone) to come up with innovations. The latest assignment: design cooler protective gear for Ebola teams.

Research May Give Potential Homicide Victims A Heads Up

New research in Chicago finds that homicide victims are concentrated among a tiny network. Tracing that network might lead to public health measures to protect would-be victims.

13-Year-Old Girl Is Determined To Be The First Person On Mars

A 13-year-old girl from Baton Rouge, Louisiana, wants to be an astronaut. In a video produced by the BBC, Alyssa Carson explains her goal of being the first person on Mars.

How To Take A Nobel Prize-Winning Picture

This year's Nobel Prize in chemistry went to a team that came up with a way to take a closer look at the secret lives of living cells. It could make biomedical research a lot easier.

Climate Change Worsens Coastal Flooding From High Tides

Flooding from extreme tidal swings was once just a rare nuisance for coastal cities. But rising sea levels have increased the frequency of these nuisance floods as much as tenfold since the 1960s.

Love Pine Nuts? Then Protect Pine Forests

An expensive delicacy among nuts, pine nuts are foraged — not farmed — from distant forests. In some places, the delicate ecosystems that produce the nuts are disappearing.

Chemistry Nobel Given To Scientists For Work On Optical Microscope

Three scientists will share the prize for developing microscopes that can study living cells in fine detail. Working independently, they took on a problem that many had assumed couldn't be solved.