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Demystifying Terroir: Maybe Its The Microbes Making Magic In Your Wine

Part of what makes a wine-growing region special may be its microbes. A study finds that the collection of bacteria and fungi on pressed grapes can help predict the flavor profile of a finished wine.


Tourette Tics Are A Challenge, But Misunderstanding Of Tics Can Be Worse

One British performance artist does live shows about living with a constant compulsion to say the word "biscuit." Onstage and online, people with Tourette syndrome are reaching out to clear the air.

Federal Program That Helps Patients Navigate Medicare May Be Cut

Counselors nationwide have helped 7 million people choose Medicare plans, challenge coverage denials and get subsidies. But some senators just voted to spend the money on other causes.

Invisibilia: How Learning To Be Vulnerable Can Make Life Safer

Tommy Chreene saw a man die while working on a Gulf oil rig — and went right back to work. Then the oil company decided that for the workplace to be safer, roughnecks needed to share their feelings.

Study Finds 15 'Bright Spots' Where Coral Reefs Aren't Dying As Fast As Expected

Around the world, warm oceans and human interference are still causing massive reef "bleaching." A newly released study looks at what's different about these healthier-than-expected reefs.

Russia Launches World's Biggest, Most Powerful Icebreaker

The 568-foot-long Arktika is powered by two nuclear reactors and capable of breaking through ice 13 feet deep. Russia's interest in the Arctic is rising along with global temperatures.
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LISTEN: Scientists Find Further Confirmation Of Gravitational Waves In Binary Black Holes

We speak to physics professor Gregory Harry about a recent announcement of further proof of Einstein's theory of gravity — thanks to a pair of chirpy black holes.


Summer Camps Say They're Not Sweating Over Zika Risk

Mosquitoes are part of the summer camp experience, and camp directors say they'd be hard pressed to deploy CDC guidelines for avoiding Zika virus. But it may not be an issue this summer.

Zika Infection Late In Pregnancy Carries Little Risk of Microcephaly

Scientists tracked nearly 600 pregnant women in Colombia, who were reportedly infected with Zika during their third trimester. None of these women gave birth to a baby with apparent problems.

Scientists Say They've Unearthed A Completely New Kind Of Meteorite

Scientists say that in a Swedish quarry, they've uncovered a meteorite unique among the 50,000 known on Earth today. They say it could hold clues about the history of the solar system.