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Science Guy Bill Nye Debates Creationist Ken Ham

Bill Nye, "The Science Guy," and Ken Ham "Answers in Genesis" squared off Tuesday night at the Creation Museum in Kentucky. The debate between the two men on the origins of the universe had been highly-anticipated.

Watch The Creationism Vs. Evolution Debate: Bill Nye And Ken Ham

Does it damage children to teach them biblical creationism? What are the costs of denying evolution, one of biology's core tenets? Those are the questions for Tuesday night, in a live debate between bestselling Christian author Ken Ham and Emmy Award-winning science educator Bill Nye.
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New Helmet Designs Effective At Reducing Concussions, Study Finds

A study of a new football helmet design at Virginia Tech finds a marked reduction in the number of concussions.


How American Food Companies Go GMO-Free In A GMO World

Many American food companies, responding to consumer demands, are looking for grain that's not genetically modified. It turns out that non-GMO corn and soybeans aren't hard to find. Years ago, grain traders set up a supply chain to deliver non-GMO grain from U.S. farmers to customers in Japan.

Glacier Blamed For Berg That Sank Titanic Unleashes More Ice

Jakobshavn, the river of ice in Greenland that produced the infamous berg, has become the fastest-moving major glacier in the world, surging toward the sea at the rate of 150 feet per day. That means its impact on sea level is growing.

Undermanned And Limited, Chemical Safety Board Confronts A Crisis

The lead federal agency investigating the West Virginia chemical leak is one that most Americans have probably never heard of. The Chemical Safety Board is an independent body, modeled after the National Transportation Safety Board, which investigates plane crashes and the like. But critics say that the Chemical Safety Board is understaffed, underfunded and takes too long to finish its investigations, and that its non-binding recommendations are often ignored anyway.

Sap Discovery Could Turn Syrup-Making Upside Down

For centuries, people thought sap had to flow down a tree's body through a spigot at the bottom. But researchers have discovered that sap can flow upwards, too, which allows syrup production from much younger trees, and could even turn maple syrup into a row crop.

Shadow Seen! Groundhog Predicts 6 More Weeks Of Cold

Punxsutawney Phil, the most famous of the nation's prognosticating rodents, is reported to have seen his shadow, indicating no early coming of spring.

At Least 14 Dead In Eruption Of Indonesian Volcano

Mount Sinabung had been active for months and the latest eruption occurred only a day after authorities, believing the worst was over, allowed thousands of evacuees to return to their homes.

Punxsutawney Phil Vs. The Farmers' Almanac: Whom Do You Trust?

We want to know who you turn to for an accurate weather forecast: is it the groundhog, the Farmers' Almanac or the nerds with supercomputers?