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Claims Of A Meteorite's Ancient Aquatic Fossils Spark Debate

Criticism over a study's findings has not deterred researchers from saying their work may represent one of the biggest scientific breakthroughs in hundreds of years: "fossilized biological structures" in a meteorite.

International Convention Moves To Limit Shark 'Finning' Trade

The CITES convention agrees in principle to limit the trade in five types of shark and two types of manta ray in a crackdown on the trade in shark meat and fins.

'Frankenstein's Cat': Bioengineering The Animals Of The Future

Science journalist Emily Anthes talks about how scientists are engineering mice with tumors and working to create pigs that can grow organs for human transplant and insects that could serve as drones for the military.

Hardening Of Human Arteries Turns Out To Be A Very Old Story

Living like a hunter-gatherer won't guarantee you'll be free of heart disease, according to a study of ancient human remains. Scans of mummies from preindustrial Egypt, Peru, the American Southwest and Alaska's Aleutian Islands finds evidence of hardened arteries thousands of yeas ago.

New Voices For The Voiceless: Synthetic Speech Gets An Upgrade

For those who rely on technology to speak, there are a limited number of voices. "Perfect Paul" sounds robotic, and "Heather" can seem too old for some. Now, a researcher is using sound samples from people who have never been able to speak to create new, personalized voices for them.

Are There Too Many Ph.D.s And Not Enough Jobs?

Our country needs more people with science, math and engineering degrees — at least, that's the common refrain among politicians and educators. Yet new numbers show people with doctoral degrees in those subjects increasingly struggle to find employment.

Scientists Make Plans To Blast Threatening Asteroids

The recent meteor blast in Russia has brought renewed attention to the risk posed by meteors on a collision course with Earth. NASA and the European Space Agency are working on a plan to develop a rocket that could collide with an asteroid and knock it off course. Dr. Andrew Cheng of the John Hopkins Applied Physics Lab, who is leading the initiative, talks about it with host Jacki Lyden.