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Launch From Wallops Island May Be Delayed For ISS Repairs

Those hoping to see a rocket launch from Wallops Island this week may be disappointed, as problems aboard the International Space Station may push back the launch date.


Industrial Meat Bad, Small Farm Good? It's Not So Simple

When it comes to making livestock agriculture more sustainable, there's no one-size-fits-all approach. That's the conclusion of a study of livestock around the world.

Moon Landing Is A Major Step Forward For China

China landed its first probe on the surface of the moon over the weekend. It's the first soft-landing on the moon's surface in nearly 40 years, and a big accomplishment for China's space program.

Environmentalists Split Over Need For Nuclear Power

One former anti-nuke activist says the world can't afford to dismiss nuclear power, if we're to rein in global warming. Nuclear plants provide a more reliable energy supply than wind or solar, he says, and without the high carbon emissions that fossil fuels produce.

To Make Science Real, Kids Want More Fun

In a new poll, many parents said they're worried that schools aren't adequately preparing students for a changing workforce. And too much emphasis on memorizing facts in the classroom, both parents and kids say, is keeping young people from getting excited about science and technology careers.

Scientists Find Tiny Exfoliating Beads In Great Lakes Fish Guts

Tiny plastic beads used in some cosmetics and toothpaste are making their way into the bellies of fish in the Great Lakes, and it's raising concern among environmentalists. Dr. Sherri Mason, a chemistry professor at the State University of New York at Fredonia, has been researching the issue, and she joins Audie Cornish to explain what this means for the Great Lakes ecosystem.

Novice Neurosurgeons Train On Brains Printed In 3-D

Universities and hospitals are training residents by having them practice on realistic replicas of actual patients' brains. The high-tech stand-ins allow the students to learn by making mistakes, something they're not able to do when real patients are involved.

China Lands A Rover On The Moon

China became only the third country to land a lunar spacecraft, along with the U.S. and the former Soviet Union. NPR's Anthony Khun talks with Rachel Martin about the Jade Rabbit rover and China's space ambitions.

Science Becomes 'Sexy' With Fast Cars And Gangsta Physics

Can science be cool? This week, Ozy co-founder Carlos Watson tells NPR about a gangster-turned-astrophysicist and a race car driver working to making science "sexy" again. Plus, a look at the changing landscape of African art — no tribal masks allowed.

Catch The Geminid Meteor Shower Tonight

This year's shower might serve up more than a hundred shooting stars every hour, but the bright streaks could be washed out by a nearly full moon.