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Miami Wins Back-To-Back NBA Championships, James MVP

The Miami Heat beat the San Antonio Spurs 95-to-88 in Game 7 of the series Thursday night in Miami. LeBron James, who was chosen MVP, had 37 points and 12 rebounds.
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NASA's 'IRIS' Project Looks to Reveal Sun's Secrets

NASA is launching a mission on June 26 to study the mysterious "interface region" of the sun.


Singapore Endures Record Smog

The choking haze that's enveloped the city state is being caused by brush fires in Indonesia, and Singapore's premier says it could last for weeks.
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Virginia Farmers Worry Over New Invasive Insect

An invasive bug from Asia is wreaking havoc in several southern states — and is now spreading into Virginia.

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This Week On Metro Connection: Feeling The Heat

We'll kick off the start of summer with our annual "Feeling the Heat" show.


What Makes Rituals Special? Join Us For A Google+ Conversation

From savoring a morning coffee to lighting a candle each night, people employ rituals all over the world. NPR science correspondent Shankar Vedantam speaks with behavior scientist Francesca Gino and Slate columnist William Saletan about the role of rituals in human life.

To Rebuild NYC's Beaches, A Native Plant Savings And Loan

Last fall, Heather Liljengren was collecting the seeds of New York's native dune grasses. Within days, Hurricane Sandy wiped out the Rockaways' dunes and all their flora. Now, those seeds are growing plants likely to be used to restore the dunes and other natural environments around New York City.

And The Winner Of The World Food Prize Is ... The Man From Monsanto

The prize is sometimes called the "Nobel Prize for food and agriculture." And this year's winners include Monsanto executive Robert Fraley, a pioneer in genetically engineered crops. If there's a single person who personifies the company's controversial role in American agriculture, it's probably Fraley.

Wanna Be A Rock Star? NASA Needs Help Tracking Asteroids

The White House and NASA want the public's help in hunting for asteroids that could potentially smash into Earth. They're also looking for a perfect space rock to capture so that astronauts could go there and study it.

How To Make Museums More Inviting For Kids With Autism

A day at a museum promises fun for parents and kids alike. But for children who are on the autism spectrum, a seemingly simple museum exhibit may be too overwhelming to enjoy. Now, museums are coming up with ways to accommodate these visitors.