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This Week On Metro Connection: Fame

This week we'll delve into stories of famous and infamous Washingtonians, and once-celebrated but nearly-forgotten history.


Tuberculosis Hitched A Ride When Early Humans Left Africa

Tuberculosis is one of the oldest diseases in human history. Signs of the bacteria have even been seen in Egyptian mummies. Now scientists find evidence that TB is much more ancient than we thought. The bacteria may have started infecting people more than 70,000 years ago, long before farming began.

Parents' Harsh Words Might Make Teen Behaviors Worse

Lots of parents yell at their teenagers, but harsh verbal punishment is associated with more bad behavior on the part of the kid. Research shows that yelling is ineffective for changing behavior. A step back and a deep breath may be better options.

Did You See A Flash In The Sky? You Just Might On Friday

A "fireball" was seen by many along the East Coast of the U.S. late Wednesday night. Officials believe it was a meteor. Late Friday night, a rocket is due to lift off from NASA's spaceport in Virginia. That you can plan for.

Wild Things Hanging From Spruce Trees

There was a spruce tree in Stanley's garden, and when September rolled around, a family of garden snakes used it to sunbathe. They'd squiggle out on a branch, flop down and warm themselves in the sunshine — sometimes dangling in braided pairs. Stanley, envious, decided to join in ... and here's what happened next.

Multitasking After 60: Video Game Boosts Focus, Mental Agility

The aging brain may be more flexible than we thought, a study of older adults now suggests. After playing a racing car video game an hour a day, thrice weekly for a month, adults age 60 and over were better at multitasking than untrained 20-year-olds.

Fixing Stove Hoods To Keep Pollution Out Of The Kitchen

Range hoods are designed to capture the pollutants from your stove, but many models are not effective and it's hard for consumers to know how good a hood is. But researchers at Lawrence Berkeley National Lab are developing a new standardized test that manufacturers can use to rate their range hoods.

The Inside Story On The Fear Of Holes

Images that evoke a phobic reaction to holes have unique characteristics in terms of contrast and fine detail. Researchers found they were similar in some respects to features of venomous animals.

Lights Out In Venezuela; President Blames Opposition Saboteurs

Nicholas Maduro blames says a "low-level war" was the cause of an electricity outage that affected 70 percent of the country, including the capital, Caracas.

A Greener Way To Cool Your Foods On The Way To The Grocery Store

Most of the trucks that haul your fruits, vegetables and frozen foods to the store are currently cooled by diesel engines, not the cleanest of technologies. But researchers are working on a cooling system based on fuel cells to keep your food cool while it travels.