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Conservationists Call For Quiet: The Ocean Is Too Loud!

Man-made noises are making it difficult for creatures to hear each other in the ocean. Michael Jasny, in charge of marine mammal protection the Natural Resource Defense Council, says we have to quiet down. His and other conservation groups are making their case, seeking ways to turn down the volume.

The Rise Of Bloodsucking Insects You Can't Just Swat Away

Bugs and summertime go hand-in-hand, but we are increasingly coming into contact with once-rare, disease-carrying insects. Buzzing in our ears, these pests have lots to say about globalization and the creep of invasive species.

50 Years On, Research On Sex Can Still Be A Lightning Rod

Virginia Masters, who died this week at age 88, pioneered the rigorous scientific study of sex. Even though the field has gone mainstream, scientists say they can still run into trouble with Congress and advocacy groups for choosing to look into sexual behavior and biology.

Hating On Fat People Just Makes Them Fatter

Some people rationalize that it's all right to shame or blame someone who's overweight because it will motivate the victim to lose pounds. News for the slim and smug: It doesn't work, and it's not OK.

MERS Virus Update

Middle East Respiratory Syndrome (MERS) is an illness caused by a newly discovered virus in the same family as SARS. Most of the documented cases have come from Saudi Arabia, which has seen a 54 percent mortality rate in those patients. Martin Cetron, director of the Division of Global Migration and Quarantine at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, discusses the emerging virus.

Cyclo-What? A Nasty Stomach Bug Spreads In The Midwest

A rare parasite has sickened at least 315 people across 14 states, health officials said. The culprit is cyclospora, a food-borne bug that causes wicked diarrhea. People typically catch the parasite from contaminated produce, but the source of this outbreak is still unknown.

Don't Blame Your Lousy Night's Sleep On The Moon — Yet

Over drinks in the light of a full moon, a group of Swiss sleep researchers recently realized they could put a bit of folklore about the moon's disruptive effect on sleep to the test. The answer surprised them, and didn't quite win over some other scientists in the field.

Why Mosquitoes Love Me, And Other Mysteries Revealed

Dr. Roger Nasci, a mosquito expert at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, says you don't necessarily need repellent with a high percentage of DEET to keep the 'skeeters away. Repellant still works well in low doses, and so far mosquitoes aren't growing resistant to it.

If You Want A Donut Hole, Don't Ask A Mathematician

For bakers, turning a donut into a donut hole is simple. For a mathematician, it's impossible.

Steam And Groundwater Raise Concern At Japanese Nuclear Plant

Water in all its forms has caused trouble at the ruined Fukushima nuclear plant this week. They are reminders that the problems are far from over.