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NASA Marks Curiosity's First Year On Mars

One year ago, NASA's Curiosity rover landed on Mars. We look at the science the mission has accomplished and the strange gravity anomaly engineers stumbled onto at the bottom of Gale Crater, where the rover landed.

Long Awaited Lab-Grown Burger Is Unveiled In London

Rarely has a single food gotten such star treatment as the hamburger that made its debut in London on Monday. But the burger — grown from stem cells taken from a cow — represents a technology potentially so disruptive that it has attracted the support of Google co-founder Sergei Brin.

No Tax Dollars Went To Make This Space Viking Photo

An enterprising Stanford grad student staged a striking photograph of Viking re-enactors pillaging through a park near San Francisco. And NASA officials, clad in garb, joined them — a move that led to an independent investigation and questions from a senator.

Goodbye Earth! What Messenger Saw On Its Way To Mercury

Earth can be seen rotating as it recedes into the distance. The time-lapse was made by stitching 358 frames taken over a 24-hour period.

A Year On Mars: What's Curiosity Been Up To?

In its first year on the red planet, the six-wheeled rover has driven a little bit more than a mile, drilled into rocks and performed chemical and mineral analysis. Its next journey is a 5-mile trek to the foothills of Mount Sharp to help study Mars' watery past.

Talking Robot Astronaut Heads To International Space Station

Japanese-built Kirobo, which measures at just over a foot tall and looks something like a child's toy, will act as a shipboard companion to future ISS Commander Kochi Wakata.

Worms' Bright Blue Death Could Shed Light On Human Aging

Researchers are getting clues about the human life cycle from studying the death of tiny worms, which internally release a blue fluorescent dye in the waning hours of their lives. The glowing chemical travels from one end of the creature to the other. One researcher calls it "reminiscent of the soul departing the worm."

Our Once And Future Oceans: Taking Lessons From Earth's Past

Paleontologists have been spending a lot of time studying the Earth of 50 million years ago, which was much hotter than it is today. They're hoping a glimpse into the planet's geologic past will show them how the planet will respond to all the carbon dioxide we're now putting into the air.

What Poisoned Pomegranates Tell Us About Food Safety

The Food and Drug Administration recently announced a plan to try and prevent American food companies from importing contaminated produce from abroad. The case of the poisoned pomegranates from Turkey shows that our safety systems for imported food, however helpful, are not foolproof.

What Outbreak? Students Tune Out Tweeted Health Warnings

When an outbreak of pneumonia sickened 83 Georgia Tech students last fall, campus officials blanketed the campus with information about how to stop the infection's spread. Despite the barrage of information, many students surveyed a month later said they never got the word.