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Could Detectives Use Microbes To Solve Murders?

Long after we die, many of the microscopic creatures living in and on us continue to thrive. In field experiments, forensic scientists are tracking changes in communities of microbes on human remains that could one day serve as clues.

Don't Try To Clean That Messy Desk

Writer and astrophysicist Adam Frank says: Make friends with science, and the ordinary, everyday stuff will transform into the extraordinary. Now look around you — the mail, the kids' toys, the mess on your desk, the constant daily chaos? It's inevitable, and science proves it.

The Man Who Gets The Science Right On 'The Big Bang Theory'

NPR's Neda Ulaby talks to David Saltzberg, the scientist who makes sure that all those equations splashed all over CBS's hugely popular The Big Bang Theory make sense. He also helps create realistic dialogue, and he even wrote a joke once.

In Life, Man Immune To HIV Helped Scientists Fight Virus

In the 1980s, Stephen Crohn was exposed to HIV but never became infected. Throughout his lifetime, he helped scientists discover a genetic mutation that keeps HIV from infecting the immune system. Crohn died in August at age 66. A doctor who worked with him reflects on his contributions to science and the fight against AIDS.

Black Widow Spider Fan Gets Dangerously Close To His Subject

The first time nature writer Jackson Landers spotted a black widow spider on his front porch, he was transfixed. He grew curious about the spiders and kept one for months as a pet. One day, he got bit.

Powerful Typhoon Has Hong Kong In Its Sights

The storm, which packed winds of 150 mph on Friday, is expected to weaken before it hits the Chinese territory.

Even As MERS Epidemic Grows, The Source Eludes Scientists

Since emerging last year in the Middle East, a mysterious virus has infected at least 132 people and killed 58. But it's still unknown how people get infected. A genetic analysis now suggests that animals may have repeatedly infected people with the deadly virus.

EPA Wants To Limit Greenhouse Gases From New Coal Power Plants

Under the proposal from the Environmental Protection Agency, new plants that run on coal would only be permitted to emit about half as much carbon dioxide as the average coal plant puts into the air today. Emissions from the electricity industry are already declining as utilities turn to natural gas and wind farms.

Beloved Brazilian Monkey Clings To A Shrinking Forest

Brazil's Atlantic Forest, home to the golden lion tamarin, was once a massive ecosystem stretching along the Brazilian coast. But centuries of human activity have encroached upon the forest, leaving the future of this tiny, lion-maned monkey in doubt.

Making Food From Flies (It's Not That Icky)

One of the really big challenges facing our world is how to grow more food without using up the globe's land and water. One company in Ohio says we've been ignoring one solution: insects. It's using larvae of the black soldier fly to convert waste into feed for fish or pigs.