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Ready — Or Not. Abrupt Climate Changes Worry Scientists Most

To forecast sudden global catastrophe — and, perhaps, head it off — we should be spying on the climate at least as closely as we spy on each other, an expert panel warns. Yet the primary global monitoring network has been cut by 30 percent.

Moon Turnips? NASA Takes Gardening to New Heights

The space agency has announced plans to grow turnips, basil and cress on the moon by 2015. The experiment could be good news for astronauts sick of their freeze-dried fare. But researchers say the real goal is to see if humans could one day live — and farm — on the moon.

Cookie-Baking Chemistry: How To Engineer Your Perfect Sweet Treat

A cookie in the oven almost looks like a monster coming alive. It bulges out, triples in size and then stiffens into a crisp biscuit. So how does an oven turn raw dough into a delight? A new animation explains the chemistry behind great baking so you, too, can unleash your inner mad scientist in the kitchen.

Man Killed In Shark Attack Off Maui

A shark bit the dangling foot of a kayaker who was fishing between Maui and Molokini, a small island that is a popular diving and snorkeling spot.

Slashing Fossil Fuel Consumption Comes With A Price

The U.S. aims to reduce carbon dioxide emissions by 80 percent by 2050. Wind and solar power can help. But folks doing the math say other pricey, controversial technologies — such as burying carbon gas underground, and expanding nuclear power — are also likely to be part of a low-carbon future.

Alleged Perils Of Left-Handedness Don't Always Hold Up

Left-handedness has been linked to everything from early death to schizophrenia over the past 150 years. While the associations spark curiosity and sometimes concern, it's been difficult to draw solid scientific conclusions, one way or the other.

I'm Not Just Gaming, Ma! I'm Helping The World's Farmers

A computer game wants you to help survey the world's cropland. The hope is that the map will be used by organizations around the globe that are working with farmers to manage their crops better and get more out of each harvest.

Comet ISON Is No More, NASA Says

There were hopes over the weekend that ISON might have survived its close encounter with the sun. But "with more than a little sadness," the space agency says, "we have to declare the comet lost."

For The First Time, China Launches A Moon Rover Mission

The mission has become a reason for national pride in the country. If successful, China would join the U.S. and the former Soviet Union as the only countries to achieve a soft landing on the moon.

Why You Can't Tickle Yourself

You can't tickle yourself because you can't surprise your own brain. But could you do it if you could trick your brain into thinking you were someone else? Host Rachel Martin talks to professor Jakob Hohwy of Monash University in Australia to learn about his experiment with illusion and reality, and the rubber hand.