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Widespread Plague In Wildlife Threatens Western Ecosystems

For most of us, plague is something that maybe we read about in history books. In the 14th Century, it wiped out half of Europe's population. But the bacteria is busy killing wildlife now in the American West. By studying small mammals scientists have learned that plague is far more pervasive a killer than anyone thought.

Netflix On The Moon? Broadband Makes It To Deep Space

A NASA mission to the moon has completed the first high-bandwidth space-to-ground communication using a laser. This is a big upgrade from the radio systems now in use and could potentially revolutionize deep-space communication.

FDA Asks Dog Owners For Help With Illnesses Linked To Jerky

The agency still doesn't know what's inside jerkies, tenders and strips that have sickened thousands of dogs and killed hundreds. An ongoing investigation is focused on treats imported from China. Pet owners should watch for loss of appetite, listlessness and vomiting.

Norwegian Town's Bright Idea Is A Shining Example Of Ingenuity

Rjukan's 3,500 residents, tucked in a shadowed valley, have finally realized the dream of one of the town's founders: giant mirrors to focus the warmth of the sun.

When Edible Plants Turn Their Defenses On Us

Fruits and vegetables are undeniably important to a healthful diet. But there's another side to some of these plants that, thankfully, most people never see: the tiny amounts of toxin within them. Lucky for us, healthy human bodies are remarkably good at filtering out toxins from everyday foods.

15 Years Of Wrangling Over Yellowstone Snowmobiles Ends

The federal government finally has a plan for winters at Yellowstone National Park that both fans and foes of snowmobiles say they can live with. Within two years, only the cleanest and quietest of the vehicles will be allowed inside the park.

In Cost-Cutting Move, NOAA To Stop Printing Nautical Charts

Starting in April, the federal agency that surveys the nation's waters will offer charts only via on-demand printing, as PDFs or electronic charts.

Antibiotics Can't Keep Up With 'Nightmare' Superbugs

On Tuesday night PBS' Frontline will investigate how decades of antibiotic overuse has led to the emergence of drug-resistant bacteria. Journalist David Hoffman says that understanding and fighting these bacteria should be a national priority. "A simple scrape on the playground could be fatal," he says.

Nuclear Plant Starts Up On India's Tsunami-Vulnerable Coast

The Kudankulam Nuclear Power Plant, a joint project with Russia, begins producing electricity on the country's southern tip.

Government Shutdown Delays Rocket Launch

The blastoff of the Minotaur I, operated by Orbital Sciences Corp., has been pushed back after preparations were put on hold during the government hiatus.