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By Accident, Scientists Discover Lakes Beneath Greenland

There are hundreds of lakes beneath the Antarctic ice sheet, but nobody has found lakes under Greenland's ice. That is until now, and they weren't even looking for them.

'The Coolest Thing Ever': How A Robotic Arm Changed 4 Lives

For a class project, three engineering students at Rice University devised an inexpensive robotic arm to help a teenager with an uncommon bone disease. The work took two years to complete, far longer than the class that was its starting point.
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The Environmental Outlook: Debate Over Ethanol And The Future Of Biofuels

For this month's Environmental Outlook: The EPA has proposed reducing the amount of ethanol required to be mixed with gasoline. Debate over U.S. ethanol policy and the future of advanced biofuels.


Estrogen May Not Help Prevent Fuzzy Thinking After Menopause

Women with naturally higher levels of estrogen after menopause don't have better memory or mental skills, Stanford researchers say. It's yet another dent in the long-held belief that the hormone is linked to mental sharpness.
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An Ancient Sea Under The Chesapeake

We explore the discovery of an ancient sea deep below the mouth of the Chesapeake with one of the lead scientists on the project.


Study Finds Plan B Pill Less Effective In Overweight, Obese Women

Even as the Supreme Court takes up the issue of emergency contraception coverage, a new study suggests the most popular form of the drug might not work for most American women. It seems one formulation of the popular drug loses effectiveness in women who are obese or who weigh over a certain amount.

Beer-Tapping Physics: Why A Hit To A Bottle Makes A Foam Volcano

So you know how, if someone comes by and taps the top of your open beer bottle, a volcano of brewski will explode? Well, it turns out that the physics involved are the same as what causes an atomic bomb to form a mushroom cloud. A scientist explains how it works.
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Chef Jose Andres: At Home And Abroad

Chef Jose Andres is known for cuisine that's one part tradition, one part science experiment, earning him numerous awards and accolades. We talk with Andres about his journey -- both personal and culinary -- thus far, and where he's heading next.


Al Gore Goes Vegan, Following In Footsteps Of Bill Clinton

Bill Clinton went vegan as a radical attempt to reform his health. But Gore has been cutting back on meat since 2009, out of concern about the impacts of animal production on climate change.

Born Wet, Human Babies Are 75 Percent Water. Then Comes Drying

A fresh tomato is 93.5 percent water. A fresh baby girl or boy is 75 percent water. A banana, 74 percent. We all start wet, and then, inevitably, dry. A 1-year-old baby carries 10 percent less water; a male adult 15 percent less. Life is a slow evaporation, with some curious exceptions.