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Why Sugar Makes Us Feel So Good

Why does sugar leave our brains crying, "More! More! More!"? A neuroscientist and research psychologist who studies sugar addiction breaks it down for us in a clever new TED-Ed video.

Florida Bill Would Allow Medical Marijuana For Child Seizures

This variety of the drug has very little of the primary component that produces the high. Families have been moving to Colorado to get access to the therapy.

An Old Tree Doesn't Get Taller, But Bulks Up Like A Bodybuilder

An aging tree's girth is good for the planet, scientists say, because it helps it suck more carbon dioxide out of the air. "It's as if, on your favorite sports team, you find out the star players are a bunch of 90-year-olds," one ecologist says.

Pregnant Women Warned Against Drinking Water In W.Va. Area

The CDC says pregnant women should stick to bottled water until all traces of a coal-treatment chemical are gone from the local water supply.

The Science Behind Flying In V Formation

The motivation for flying with other birds in V formation is probably to save energy, say researchers who tracked the pattern of wing flaps in an ibis flock. Each bird in the V catches a bit of lift from the bird ahead.

Peter Stone Can't Get Enough Of Robots Playing Soccer

Computer scientist Peter Stone has taken his passion for soccer into the lab. He's developing robots that can play soccer. The work requires expertise in computer vision, robotics and understanding about how autonomous agents work together.

First Land-Walking Fish Looks Like It Had 'All-Wheel Drive'

Fossils of Tiktaalik, which lived some 375 million years ago and is believed to be the first fish that walked on land, had more robust hindquarters than previously known.

Spinach Dinosaurs To Sugar Diamonds: 3-D Printers Hit The Kitchen

Pizza printed up for dinner? Or how about an edible photograph for your next birthday cake? The first restaurant-grade approved 3-D printer was unveiled last week, and the gadget can churn out candies in any shape imaginable. Other printers in the works make custom-shaped pastas and assemble ravioli and gnocchi.

Mysteries Persist Surrounding West Virginia Chemical Spill

West Virginia officials told residents Monday to flush out their home water systems before using the tap water again. Tests at the affected water treatment plant show almost no contamination. However, some toxicologists say, the spill shows how little is known about many chemicals in common use.
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Researchers Turn Attention To Virginia Earthquakes

Virginia has been the site of more than 400 earthquakes since the 5.8 magnitude earthquake that struck in 2011, and researchers are doing a study to find out more.