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Conservative Lobbyist Derails Bipartisan 'Science Laureate' Bill

The U.S. has had poet laureates, who seem to have worked out well, promoting poetry to the masses. But a bill to similarly sing the praises of scientific discovery and get more young people considering science careers is falling victim to politics.

Private Spacecraft Lifts Off With Space Station Supplies

The robotic capsule Cygnus, scheduled to dock with the orbiting outpost on Sunday, is the second commercial vehicle to resupply the station.


Stephen Hawking Backs Assisted Suicide For The Terminally Ill

The man, who has lived for years with Lou Gehrig's disease and is considered among the world's most brilliant living scientists, said: "We don't let animals suffer, so why humans?"

Calculated To Win: Supercomputers Power America's Cup

The 2013 America's Cup isn't just about speed demons racing faster than the wind. These days, the 162-year-old international sailing competition is being powered by supercomputers. Tech teams are crunching the numbers to make small changes that mean a big difference in speed.

New Private Spacecraft Set For Mission To Resupply Space Station

Orbital Sciences' Cygnus is set to blast off Wednesday for the International Space Station. If successful, it will become the second private robotic craft to dock with the orbiting lab.

Auto-Brewery Syndrome: Apparently, You Can Make Beer In Your Gut

A Texas man walked into the emergency room, complaining of dizziness after a meal. A Breathalyzer test indicated that he was definitely drunk. But there was one hitch: He hadn't touched alcohol all day.

Golden Rice Study Violated Ethical Rules, Tufts Says

Tufts University says that one of its researchers violated ethics rules while carrying out a study of genetically modified "golden rice" in China. The study showed that the rice can fight malnutrition, but researchers didn't provide enough information to the parents of the children who ate it, Tufts says.

Healthful Living May Lengthen Telomeres And Lifespans

As people age, caps called telomeres on the ends of their chromosomes shrink. The observation has led some scientists to argue the shortening is not only a marker of aging but a fundamental driver of it.

Telomeres May Hold Clues To Effects Of Aging

Scientists are reporting an advance in the science of aging — and maybe even a clue on how to reverse some of aging's effects. They have evidence that lifestyle changes already known to be good for you — healthy diet, exercise, reducing stress — may prevent the chromosomes in our cells from unraveling. It's all about little caps on our chromosomes called telomeres.

Ear Wax From Whales Keeps Record Of Ocean Contaminants

Layers of wax in the marine mammals' ears can be read like tree rings, scientists say, recording a whale's age and also information about pollutants in the water the whale swam through. Wax from a blue whale that washed ashore in 2007 contained surprisingly high levels of DDT.