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Sriracha Chemistry: How Hot Sauces Perk Up Your Food And Your Mood

Sriracha and other spicy condiments make us feel so good, even when they burn so bad. So what's going on in our tongues? A video breaks down the beloved hot sauce into its molecular components.

At 4.4 Billion Years Old, Oz Crystals Confirmed As World's Oldest

Zircon crystals found in sandstone on an Australian sheep ranch are so tiny that you'd need a magnifying glass to see them. But recent measurements confirm they offer our earliest glimpse of Earth.

Industry Challenges EPA's Greenhouse Gas Rules In High Court

The case focuses on the Clean Air Act permitting required of companies that want to build or modify facilities expected to emit a lot of gases. Critics call the requirement costly and time-consuming.

Explorers' Aim For Perilous Polar Trek: 'Get Home In One Piece'

Two men broke a record for traveling from the coast of Antarctica to the South Pole and back, on foot. They retraced the steps of a British Royal Navy officer, whose team died on the journey in 1912.

Forecasting The 'Future' By Tapping Into Human Consciousness

Physicist Michio Kaku studies what were once only philosophical questions about the human mind. He delves into the brain and our understanding of its functions in his new book, The Future of the Mind.

How Dogs Read Our Moods: Emotion Detector Found In Fido's Brain

Anyone who's had MRI knows how hard it is to lie motionless. But the dogs that participated in this brain-scanning experiment aced the test. Maybe the treats did it.

Scientist Switches Position, Now Supports Keystone XL Pipeline

Opponents of the Keystone XL Pipeline lost an ally. David Greene talks to Marcia McNutt, one of the country's most influential scientists, about her decision to no longer oppose the pipeline.

Are More Eccentric Artists Perceived As Better Artists?

A study finds part of the reason people love Lady Gaga and Vincent Van Gogh is that these are very eccentric artists, and people have strong, unconscious stereotypes that eccentric artists are better.

'Piglet Smoothie' Fed To Sows To Prevent Disease; Activists Outraged

Undercover footage shows a hog farm feeding sows ground-up piglets that succumbed to a deadly virus. Veterinarians say it's the only method they have to protect herds against a fast-spreading disease.

Men Who Vandalized Egyptian Pyramid To Prove Theory Face Charges

Two German men filmed themselves scraping off samples of the Great Pyramid in hopes of proving their theory that it was built 20,000 years ago by people from the legendary city of Atlantis.