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SpaceX Founder Elon Musk Reveals New Spacecraft

The private space flight company SpaceX has unveiled the manned version of its Dragon space capsule at its California headquarters. Founder Elon Musk has promised to make space flight inexpensive.

Anatomy Of A Dance Hit: Why We Love To Boogie With Pharrell

There are songs that just make people want to get up and shake their booty. Why? Scientists say the most enticing rhythms have something missing — beats that your body can't help but fill in.

After Decades Of Silent Wandering, NASA Probe Phones Home

ISEE-3, launched in 1978 to study solar wind, was "borrowed" for a comet mission a few years later and virtually lost. A group of space enthusiasts say they've managed to reestablish contact.

No Hunch Here: Richard III Suffered From Scoliosis Instead

Shakespeare described the 15th century British king as "deformed, unfinish'd," and a hunchback. A 3-D model of his spine reveals that Richard had developed severe curvature of the spine as a teen.

Scientists Find Africa's Longest Land Migration: Zebras' 350-Mile Trek

Large mammal migration in Africa has generally been hindered by the subdivision and fencing of land. But this one remains possible because it takes place in a unique, multi-country wildlife corridor.

States Say Cutting Down On Carbon Was Easier Than Expected

Next week President Obama will unveil his plan for the first nationwide program to control greenhouse gas emissions from the electrical power sector. States that have already started to control such emissions say it's not as hard as they thought it would be. They've ended up exceeding their goals, largely because of abundant natural gas, which burns more cleanly than coal.

Conservatives, Environmentalists Found Common Ground In Cap And Trade

Ambassador C. Boyden Gray, former White House counsel to George H.W. Bush, assisted in the development of the cap-and-trade system. He talks to Robert Siegel about how the system evolved over time.

You Can Thank 150 Different Compounds For The Sweet Smell Of Bacon

The smell of frying bacon can rouse us from the deepest sleep. If you've ever wondered why, and how that works chemically, the American Chemical Society has a video for you.

Thriving Towns In East Africa Are Good News For A Parasitic Worm

The worm causes a debilitating intestinal disease called schistosomiasis. And the parasite is spreading rapidly because of an economic boom along the shores of East Africa's Lake Malawi.

A Peat Bog As Big As England, And A Rare Glimpse At Earth's History

Dr. Simon Lewis of the University of Leeds has discovered a vast peatland in a remote part of the Republic of Congo. The bog covers an area the size of England and is thought to contain billions of tons of peat. Scientists say that investigating the carbon-rich material could shed light on 10,000 years of environmental change in this little-studied region.