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Even If Keystone Pipeline Rejected, Oil May Still Cross Neb. By Rail

The proposed Keystone XL pipeline has generated controversy, especially in Nebraska, where opposition to transporting crude from the oil sands of Canada has delayed a national decision on the project.

Creativity, Dirty Eggs And Vocal Fry: The Week In Science

Science is always churning out weird, funny and fascinating findings. What did we miss this week? NPR's Rachel Martin checks in with science writer Rose Eveleth.

Obama To Wield Executive Power To Limit Carbon Emissions

President Obama plans to announce Monday his most ambitious plan yet to combat climate change. NPR's Rachel Martin talks to Princeton professor Michael Oppenheimer about the significance of the plan.

Once A Year, Cancer Research News Comes In A Flood, Not A Trickle

The annual meeting of the American Society of Clinical Oncology features thousands of presentations but no big news. That's how cancer treatment improves, in small increments.

Researchers: Nothing Special About Einstein's Brain

There had to be something anatomically different about Einstein's brain that made him so smart, right? A new study says no, not true. NPR's Scott Simon talks with Terence Hines of Pace University.

Phone App Might Predict Manic Episodes In Bipolar Disorder

Speech patterns change when people enter the manic phase of bipolar disorder, doctors say. A smartphone app might be able to detect those shifts and improve treatment.

What's In A Grunt — Or A Sigh, Or A Sob? Depends On Where You Hear It

New research suggests that different cultures do not hear the same emotions when they hear the same sounds. The "emotional grammar" of language is instead shaped by culture and local circumstances.

SpaceX Unveils A Sleek New Ride To Orbit

The private space-launch company has taken its Dragon capsule design and taught it some cool new tricks.

Oklahoma's Extreme Drought Has Wheat Farmers Bracing For Worst

Four years of crippling drought has withered the agricultural economies of Great Plains states like Oklahoma. The USDA forecasts this year's wheat crop will be half what it would be in a good year.

How A Food Stylist Made Squirrel And Earthworm Look Appetizing

Environmentalists say we should eat up invasive species like squirrel and nutria. Problem is, they don't usually look very tasty. A photo project tries to alter our perception of creepy critters.