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California Officials Release New Rainfall Figures After El Nino

Officials in California offer new figures on rain and snowfall in the state. El Nino has filled reservoirs, but the drought is still ongoing.

Ready, Set, Freeze: Japan Prepares To Switch On Fukushima 'Ice Wall'

Japanese regulators say an underground refrigeration system at the nuclear power plant can be activated. The facility was damaged five years ago, and the ice wall is a year behind schedule.
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Deep Learning And Artifical Intelligence

Earlier this month Google's DeepMind artificial intelligence program beat a top professional player in the complex game of Go. New frontiers in machine learning and what computers are now able to teach themselves.


Mysterious Death Uncovers Risk In Federal Oil Field Rules

Oil worker Dustin Bergsing, 21, was found dead on top of a North Dakota oil tank in 2012. A journalist and a doctor looking into the death found a pattern of similar fatal accidents.

Why Whole Foods Wants A Slower-Growing Chicken

A modern broiler, or meat chicken, grows incredibly fast. The bird suffers as a result, and some critics say its flavor does too. Now Whole Foods wants its suppliers to shift to slower-growing breeds.

Big Financial Costs Are Part Of Alzheimer's Toll On Families

A survey of more than 3,500 people caring for family members with dementia finds that many are spending down personal savings and cutting into their own basic needs to meet their loved one's expenses.

U.S. Geology Maps Reveal Areas Vulnerable To Man-Made Quakes

Parts of Oklahoma and Texas have about the same risk of an earthquake as parts of California, the maps show. Why? Wastewater that oil and gas operations are pumping into wells adds pressure on faults.

A Crisis With Scant Data: States Move To Count Drug-Dependent Babies

Getting good information is critical to figuring out where resources need to go to treat newborns dependent on opioids. Pennsylvania relies on old and incomplete statistics, but that may be changing.

Pregnant And Addicted: The Tough Road To Family Health

Guilt still haunts a new mother who was addicted to opioids when she got pregnant. Once she was ready to ask for help, treatment programs that could handle her complicated pregnancy were hard to find.

To Help Newborns Dependent On Opioids, Hospitals Rethink Mom's Role

When a woman addicted to opioids gives birth, she is too often dismissed as an obstacle to her infant's health. A Connecticut hospital is challenging that attitude — and the culture of care.