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Space Station Gets Fixed In Christmas Eve Space Walk

Astronauts went on a space walk to fix a broken cooling system aboard the International Space Station on Tuesday. A pump that sends coolant through the system broke earlier this month. It's a critical element and it had to be repaired for the space station to resume normal operations.

Could Pot Help Veterans with PTSD? Brain Scientists Say Maybe

The use of marijuana for PTSD has gained national attention in the past few years as thousands of traumatized veterans who fought in Iraq and Afghanistan have asked the federal government to give them access to the drug. Marijuana's active ingredient has been shown to calm the brain's fear circuits. Of course, there are drawbacks and side effects to contend with.

Hair Dryer Cooking: From S'mores To Crispy Duck

A beauty product in the kitchen? Cooking gurus have been advocating this secret weapon since the 1970s to achieve crispy duck skin that will blow them away (sorry!). Here at NPR, we also used the salon appliance to make some killer s'mores.

Repairs Done, Astronauts Wrap Up Spacewalk

Astronauts have made critical repairs on the International Space Station's cooling equipment. On Saturday, they spent 5 1/2 hours outside the station. They spent more than six hours outside on Friday.

Alan Turing, Who Cracked Nazi Code, Gets Posthumous Pardon

The British mathematician, also considered the father of modern computing, committed suicide in 1954 after being convicted of "gross indecency" with another man.

How To Build An Indestructible Gingerbread House

We asked some civil engineers to help us end that yearly holiday housing crisis: collapsing gingerbread homes. With this design, gingerbread families everywhere can enjoy the holidays without having to worry about their roofs caving in.

On Anniversary Of Apollo 8, How The 'Earthrise' Photo Was Made

The iconic photo taken on Christmas Eve 1968 "came about by accident," says space writer and historian Andrew Chaikin. A new NASA animation shows just how close the astronauts came to missing the shot.

What Chickadees Have That I Want. Badly

First I look in my right coat pocket. Nothing. Then my left. Nothing. Then my pants, right side — no. Then my pants, left side — yes! This is me at my front door, looking for my keys. Every day.

Could Big Batteries Be Big Business In California?

Unless the erratic bursts of energy generated on a windy or sunny day can be stored and later measured out in an even way, these renewable sources of power can't be counted on to stabilize the electrical grid. Several battery-making startups hope to help — and reduce electric bills.

Joe's Biggest Ideas From 2013

NPR's Joe Palca is working on a new beat we're calling Joe's Big Idea. The idea is to explore the minds and motivations of scientists and inventors. He talks with NPR's Rachel Martin about what he's learned in his first year on the beat.