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Natural Gas May Be Easier On Climate Than Coal, Despite Methane Leaks

Some scientists have argued that so much gas leaks out during production that it is actually worse for the environment than coal. But a new nationwide study shows that methane leaks from natural gas production aren't as bad as some feared.

Debate Revs As Decision Stalls Over Oil Pipeline From Canada

Five years ago, a Canadian company proposed building the Keystone XL pipeline to connect Canada's tar sands oil development with the big U.S. refineries on the Gulf Coast. The southern stretch of this pipeline is nearly finished, but the northern stretch is still under study.

Remote Antarctic Trek Reveals A Glacier Melting From Below

After several years planning the difficult mission, scientists successfully drilled through Antarctica's Pine Island Glacier. They were stunned by what they found, and worry global sea levels could be at risk.

Japan Uses Laptops, Cost-Cutting To Launch Rocket Into Space

Japan has sent a space telescope into orbit, as its new Epsilon rocket delivered its payload to orbit altitude Saturday. The country's Japan's space agency calls the launch a step toward its goal "to lower hurdles to space." The launch was reportedly done via laptop.

Spy Drones Turning Up New Data About Hurricanes And Weather

For the past couple of years, NASA has been using remotely piloted aircraft to study hurricanes. And they are turning up new information about things like how dust from Africa can determine whether weather systems become hurricanes in the Atlantic.

After Disasters, DNA Science Is Helpful, But Often Too Pricey

For decades, DNA has been used to identify victims of crime, even victims of war crimes. But there's no international standard for using DNA analysis for identifying bodies after a disaster. So some scholars are calling for an international group with the same reach as weapons inspectors.

Judge Rules 'Ikea Monkey' To Remain In Animal Sanctuary

In December, the Japanese macaque was found in a Toronto store after escaping from a locked crate in his owner's car.

Hawaii: 'Let Nature Take Its Course' On Molasses Spill

Authorities say the sweet slick has suffocated thousands of fish and could lead to an increase in predator species in the area.

Mount McKinley's Gotten Shorter Again

Twice in recent decades more accurate measurements have led experts to say North America's tallest peak is shorter than they thought. It's still No. 1 on the continent, though.

Predicting The Future

Visions of the future don't just have to come from science fiction. There's very real technology today giving us clues about how our future lives might be transformed. So what might our future look like? And what does it take for an idea about the future to become a reality? In this hour, TED speakers make some bold predictions and explain how we might live in the future.