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Ancient Bone Shows Evidence Of Cancer In Human Ancestor

At about 1.6 million years old, the bone is the oldest known example of a malignant tumor in a human ancestor, and it reinforces what scientists already knew: that cancer isn't a modern scourge.

Western U.S. Saw An Amazing Light Show Last Night, Courtesy Of China

The bright object — part of a Chinese rocket — appeared in skies over the western U.S. around 9:30 p.m. Pacific Time, sparking a flurry of reports and a number of striking videos.

After Hinckley, States Tightened Use Of The Insanity Plea

John Hinckley's not-guilty verdict prompted tighter restrictions on the insanity defense. Civil rights advocates say that means seriously ill people are imprisoned without adequate treatment.

Writing Data Onto Single Atoms, Scientists Store The Longest Text Yet

With atomic memory technology, little patterns of atoms can be arranged to represent English characters, fitting the content of more than a billion books onto the surface of a stamp.

Oyster Archaeology: Ancient Trash Holds Clues To Sustainable Harvesting

Modern-day oyster populations in the Chesapeake are dwindling, but a multi-millennia archaeological survey shows that wasn't always the case. Native Americans harvested the shellfish sustainably.

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Report On 'Zoned Out' Metro Drivers Gets Fresh Attention After Signal Overruns

As Metrorail operators overrun red signals at an increasing clip, the transit authority is considering ways to keep the drivers focused on their jobs — more than a year after outside experts came up with 18 recommendations designed to reduce distractions.


What Women Need In A Checkup: Test Less, Talk More

Some tests that used to be part of an annual physical are no longer recommended. Others can be done less often. Still, seeing your doctor regularly for a face-to-face chat may help your health.

Mysterious And Known As The 'Raven': Scientists Identify New Whale Species

"There have been a lot of people out there surveying whales for a long time and never come across this," a researcher says. But Japanese fishermen have told stories about this dark whale for years.

Sen. Tim Kaine's Record On Health Care: He's With Hillary

The Democrats' vice presidential nominee helped overhaul Virginia's mental health care system after the 2007 shootings at Virginia Tech. He is for Obamacare, Medicaid expansion and Planned Parenthood.

Many Well-Known Hospitals Fail To Score High In Medicare Rankings

Hospitals have been fighting to block the rankings, but Medicare released them Wednesday. Of the 102 hospitals that got a five-star rating, few are among those generally praised for great care.