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'Concussion' Forces Football Players To Contemplate Safety Risks

The new film Concussion has many football players thinking about the possible long-term health risks of the game. But that hasn't stopped two brothers from taking the field.

Can Psychology Teach Us How To Stick To New Year's Resolutions?

Research out of the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania suggests that people see New Year's Day, their birthdays and even the start of a new month or week as "temporal landmarks" — an imaginary line demarcating the old "inferior" self from a new and improved version. That explains why we often fail at resolutions — our new selves are usually not much better than the old ones. But it also suggests how we might stick to our resolutions — use more temporal landmarks to reach our goals.

New Year's Day Quake In Oklahoma City Amid Increasing Seismic Activity

The state of Oklahoma saw more than 800 earthquakes with magnitude of 3 or greater in 2015.
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The Power Of Toxins In Vegetables (Rebroadcast)

Another reason to eat your fruits and vegetables: Recent research shows that small doses of the toxins naturally found in plants can boost our immune systems, protect against brain disease and help us live longer. We look at the toxins in plants and other anti-aging insights.


A Physicist Dreams Of Catching Dark Matter In The Act

Hold out your hand for a century, and 100 million particles of dark matter will pass through each second without leaving a trace. Still, a physicist in South Dakota thinks he may be able to catch one.

Netflix And Chew: How Binge Watching Affects Our Eating Habits

Lots of research suggests munching while watching TV promotes mindless eating. Overall viewing time is a key factor. But the genre of what you are watching may also influence how much you consume.

Want To Avoid A Hangover? Science Has Got You Covered

Champagne and other booze flow freely on New Year's Eve. But if you want to wake to a new year without the side effects of alcohol, don't fret: We've got science-based tips for avoiding that headache.


The Year In Eggs: Everyone's Going Cage-Free, Except Supermarkets

Egg producers who for years said they couldn't give up cages for egg-laying hens made the switch to cage-free in 2015. Big egg buyers, including McDonald's, Nestle and Subway, made commitments, too.


Giving Birth Outside A Hospital Is A Little Riskier For The Baby

A big study finds the risk that the baby will die soon after delivery is twice as high if the delivery was planned for home or a birthing center versus the hospital, but such deaths are very rare.

VIDEO: Meet The Bots That Beat The Obstacles

A robot unveiled by Disney researchers can drive up vertical surfaces. Other machines pushing boundaries: a bot that can jump on water without sinking and a bot that flies like a bird.