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Study Finds Most Ants In A Colony Are Slackers

NPR's Robert Siegel talks with Anna Dornhaus, associate professor with the University of Arizona's ecology and evolutionary biology department, about its study on slacker ants.

Tom Selleck Accused Of Stealing Water For California Ranch

TV star Tom Selleck has been accused of stealing water amid California's drought from a neighboring water district. Los Angeles Times reporter Matt Hamilton has been reporting on the the mystery of Magnum PI's water supply.

Buzz Kill For Bumblebees: Climate Change Is Shrinking Their Range

Wild bees are some of nature's busiest pollinators of crops and flowers. But new evidence suggests a warming climate is squeezing the bounds of where bumblebees can live.

From Pygmy Hunting Songs To Taylor Swift, What Makes Music Universal

Can you hear what's similar about a Palestinian line dance and Swift's "Shake It Off?" Or The Sound Of Music's "Do-Re-Mi" and a Pygmy song? Scientists have finally decoded the language of music.

Scientists Discover One Of The Oldest Horned Dinosaurs

The "new" dinosaur — named Wendiceratops pinhornensis — lived about 79 million years ago and helps scientists understand the early evolution of the family that includes Triceratops.

Genetic Tweaks Are Restoring Hearing In Animals, Raising Hopes For People

The latest accomplishment for gene therapy involves mice with inherited deafness. Meanwhile, the drugmaker Novartis is conducting the first trial of gene therapy for people with hearing loss.

Budget Cuts Force Colorado National Forest To Rely On Volunteer Labor

Uniformed volunteers are working visitors centers and monitoring trails in the busiest national forest in the country. The White River National Forest in Colorado is increasingly relying on free labor as federal budget cuts continue. The volunteers are doing what forest service staff used to do, including maintaining trails and educating visitors about bear safety.

Why Sit-Down Meals May Be Just As Unhealthful As Fast Food

Fast-food restaurants are often demonized as the epitome of unhealthfulness. But a study suggests sit-down joints may be no better when it comes to sodium, saturated fat and the risk of overeating.
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UMBC President Freeman Hrabowski

The president of University of Maryland, Baltimore County, chats about the future of higher education — and what he's doing to steer African-American students into science, technology, engineering and mathematics.


Overloaded Computers Give NASA's Pluto Team A Fright

NASA had a heart-stopping moment over the weekend, when engineers lost contact with a spacecraft they sent to Pluto. A computer crash was behind the problem.