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After Bouncy Landing, Philae Lander At Rest On Comet

Scientists have established contact with the lander, but they're not sure where on the comet it is. The lander apparently bounced after touching down, and its future may be uncertain.

Hurricane Sandy Stranded Dialysis Patients. Lessons Learned?

A quarter of the dialysis patients who were in New York City when Hurricane Sandy hit missed at least one treatment due to power outages. Yet, not many are prepared for the next disaster.

Photo Shows Lander Sitting On Comet After Bounce-Landing

Before the Philae lander came to rest on the surface of a comet Wednesday, it bounced — twice. The lander weighs far less on the comet than it did on Earth.

40 Percent Of The World's Cropland Is In Or Near Cities

Just how much of the world's cropland can we really call urban? That's been a big mystery until now.

What Exactly Are 'Monster Storms' And 'Bomb Cyclones'?

The northern U.S. is getting a blast of unseasonably cold weather, thanks to what has been dubbed a "bomb cyclone." The Washington Post's Jason Samenow explains that and other odd weather terms.

Successful Comet Landing A Major Step For Space Exploration

The European Space Agency on Wednesday successfully landed a probe on the surface of a comet — something that has never been done before. But scientists say the lander may not be fully secure.

For U.S.-China Deal On Greenhouse Gases, The Devil Is In The Details

Scientists say a new deal between the U.S. and China on greenhouse gases is a positive move toward new models for controlling emissions, but that it won't keep the Earth from dangerous levels of warming.

Comet Landing A Success: European Craft Makes 'Fairly Gentle Touchdown'

Millions of miles from Earth, the Philae robotic lander has settled on the comet's surface, the European Space Agency says.

China And U.S., Titans Of Carbon Pollution, Move To Cut Gases

China and the U.S. account for more than a third of greenhouse gases — making it vital that any broad climate plans include the pair.

How Animals Hacked The Rainbow And Got Stumped On Blue

There's more than one way to make color, nature tells us. And more than one way to use it to your own advantage.