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To End Food Waste, Change Needs To Begin At Home

The U.S. throws out 35 million tons of food each year. While many restaurants, supermarkets and processors are taking responsibility, many consumers aren't. An EPA pilot program aims to change that.

Patch Of Pacific Water Is Warmest In Decades

A stretch of unusually warm water is lingering off of the West Coast. Scientists are calling it "the blob." Fishermen are calling it the best the thing to happen to their industry in 20 years.

Big Data Companies Agree: Farmers Should Own Their Information

Farmers depend on "Big Data" these days, but some worry the companies collecting information about their operations might misuse it. New privacy guidelines are supposed to protect farmers' interests.

Yes, The Weather Is Polar. No, It's Not The Vortex

Meteorologists are annoyed by the hype around the phrase "polar vortex." This week's frigid snap, they say, was just a regular old cold front.

Comet Lander, Firefighters Execute Dazzling Feats Above The Earth

The sky was full of wonders this week, NPR's Scott Simon muses, as a spacecraft landed on a comet and two window washers were rescued 69 stories above the streets at the new One World Trade Center.

Comet Lander Sends Back Data, Settles In For A Potentially Long Nap

Mission Control re-established contact with the Philae lander today, but its bumpy landing left it in the shadow of a cliff — a bad spot when you're relying on solar power.

How Bacteria In The Gut Help Fight Off Viruses

Rotavirus kills more than a half-million kids around the world each year. Now scientists have evidence that the secret to stopping it is hiding in the trillions of bacteria of our microbiome.

WATCH: Orphaned Sea Otter Pup Has Snack, Playtime

Found in late September along the California coast, "Pup 681" spent a month at the Monterey Aquarium before being transferred to her new home at the Shedd in Chicago.

Controversy Over Scientist's Shirt Mars Celebration Of Comet Landing

A scientist who contributed to this week's triumphant comet landing mission has upset people by wearing a loud shirt that some say is sexist. On Twitter, people have dubbed the dispute "shirtstorm."

'Shirtstorm' Leads To Apology From European Space Scientist

As the Rosetta mission made history by putting a lander on a comet, one of its leading scientists drew wide criticism for wearing a shirt featuring lingerie-clad women.