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Move Over, Yellow 6. More Natural Colors From Plants Are Coming

From purple carrots and cabbage to grapes, the food industry is finding new ways to derive natural colors from plants. It's happening just as consumers are pushing Big Food to ditch artificial colors.

'Ridiculous Fun' Helps A Blogger See Through Depression's Darkness

Since childhood, humor writer Jenny Lawson has struggled with mental health issues. In her latest book, Furiously Happy, she explains what it means to fight back with spiteful happiness.

International Leaders To Discuss Substances That Cause Global Warming

NPR's Ari Shapiro speaks to EPA Administrator Gina McCarthy about next week's international conference on substances in air conditioners and refrigerators that heat up the atmosphere.

#NPRreads: White Privilege, FBI Director's Remarks On Policing, And Oyster Farming

Also this week: a story from an NPR Music reporter about the "lost art of listening."

Medical Students Crunch Big Data To Spot Health Trends

It's not enough anymore to learn how to size up the symptoms of a particular patient, say specialists in bioinformatics. Modern doctors need to learn to see patterns in huge data sets, too.

Jane Goodall Wants To Save Us (And Her Beloved Chimps) From Ourselves

She's learned a lot about chimpanzees. But what has she learned from them has given her a new mission: improve the health of the planet.

The Hair-Raising Science Of Goose Bumps

Skunk Bear's shivery new video explores how and why our skin acts so weird when we watch a scary movie, get cold or listen to music.

Why Is It So Hard To Save Gulf Of Maine Cod? They're In Hot Water

In the past decade, the Gulf of Maine warmed faster than 99.9 percent of the global ocean. The rapid warming explains why recent fishing policies failed to rebuild the cod population, a study finds.

Along U.S.-Canada Border, A Booming Business For Dinosaur Bones

Dinosaur fossils are often found along the U.S.-Canada border. But what happens after someone discovers them on their land depends on what the rules are about ownership, scholarship and preservation.
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Simon Winchester: "Pacific"

A "biography" of the Pacific Ocean by the best-selling author of "Atlantic." A look at the historical, political and geographical forces that shape this unique body of water where East and West meet.