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In New York, Video Chat Trumps Quarantine To Combat TB

Ebola isn't the first dangerous microbe to spur calls for quarantine in American cities. But as New York City's experience with drug-resistant tuberculosis suggests, isolation isn't always best.

A Drug Might Heal Spinal Injuries By Sparking Nerve Growth

A neurologist's unorthodox thinking led to an experimental drug that allows trapped nerve fibers to grow again. And that growth helps amplify signals that restored movement in laboratory rats.

Is HIV Evolving Into A Weaker Virus?

In parts of southern Africa, HIV has picked up mutations that slow down its ability to grow inside a person's blood. That's a good sign. But will it be enough to make a difference in the epidemic?

Earliest Human Engraving Or Trash From An Ancient Lunch?

Carved zigzag marks on a shell found more than a century ago have drawn new interest from archaeologists. The half-million-year-old lines aren't from an animal, and might be art from Homo erectus.

Our Ability To Digest Alcohol May Have Been Key To Our Survival

Our primate ancestors could consume alcohol 10 million years ago in the form of fermented fruit, researchers have discovered. The finding suggests that our relationship with alcohol is ancient.

FDA Considers Allowing Blood Donations From Some Gay Men

The lifetime ban on blood from any man who has had sex with men dates to the 1980s, before there was a good test to screen for HIV. Critics say the policy is outmoded and needlessly discriminatory.

NASA Prepares To Test New Spacecraft (That You've Likely Never Heard Of)

The new vehicle, named Orion, is designed to carry humans into deep space. But most Americans aren't aware it exists.

Study Shows Riding The Quiet Car Is Crushing Your Spirit

An experiment in Chicago randomly assigned train and bus riders to either talk to the stranger next to them or commute quietly. The result? Even for introverts, silence leaves you sadder.

Tumbling Oil Prices Give A Boost To Drivers During The Holidays

An OPEC meeting last week sent oil prices tumbling when the cartel decided not to restrict production to boost prices. Now some are predicting parts of the U.S. will see gas prices under $2 a gallon.

Ebola In The Air: What Science Says About How The Virus Spreads

Turns out, Ebola is transmitted through the air, but it's not very good at spreading through the airborne route. What in the heck does that mean? We dig into the science to clear up the kerfuffle.