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EPA Takes First Step In Limiting Aircraft Emissions

The Environmental Protection Agency hasn't outlined any specific emissions limits for aircraft engines, but it has begun the process that would lead to them.

It's Spawning Season: Are Horseshoe Crabs Down For the Count?

Migratory birds and humans have long relied on the odd creatures, and scientists now fear they're on the decline. This time each year, volunteers fan out along Mid-Atlantic coast to count the crabs.

Nobel Laureate In Hot Water For 'Trouble With Girls' In Labs

"Three things happen when they are in the lab," biochemist Tim Hunt said at a large conference. "You fall in love with them, they fall in love with you and when you criticize them, they cry."

Some Insured Patients Still Skipping Care Because Of High Costs

Research shows that, even with health insurance, many people put off expensive surgery, medicine and tests because they can't afford the high deductibles or copays. A few states hope to change that.

More Evidence That Parents' Ages Could Influence Autism Risk

A large, international study found that kids born to older parents had higher rates of autism. Having a teen mom or parents with a large gap between their ages also increased the autism odds.

Like Us, Chimps Go Bananas For Booze

Scientists have spotted chimpanzees routinely sipping palm wine from trees in Guinea. The study supports a theory that our common relatives evolved the ability to digest alcohol millions of years ago.

Retailers Use Time To Their Advantage; More Impulse Products Sold

Retailers have learned that the more time consumers spend in a store, the more likely they'll make impulse purchases. Stores are adapting the "shopping experience" accordingly.

Costs Of Slipshod Research Methods May Be In The Billions

Up to half of all results from biomedical research laboratories these days can't be replicated by other science teams. Why not? Myriad flubs slow progress in the hunt for cures.

Monsanto, Angling For Global Pesticide Dominance, Woos Syngenta

The world's biggest seed company wants to buy the world's biggest pesticide company. Syngenta is playing hard to get, but a veteran industry executive says the deal may happen.

To Beat Insomnia, Try Therapy For The Underlying Cause Instead Of Pills

A review of the medical evidence finds that therapy can break the cycle of chronic sleeplessness by addressing the anxieties that cause many people to stay awake.