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Why Your Future Vaccination Might Not Be A Shot

Step aside, injections! The next flu vaccine you see might look more like a bandage — a patch covered in 100 microscopic needles that dissolve in the skin in just a few minutes.

Who Keeps Track If Your Surgery Goes Well Or Fails?

The outcomes of many medical procedures and treatments done in hospitals nationwide aren't tracked or even measured, says a surgeon who thinks that's bad. Understanding outcomes, he says, saves lives.

3-D Printers Bring Historic Instruments Back To The Future

You just can't stick a modern mouthpiece on an antique saxophone and get the right sound. The answer could be in the lab.

A Veteran Scientist Dreams Boldly Of 'Earth And Sky'

Famous — and occasionally controversial — physicist Freeman Dyson's new essay collection ranges from scientific history to today's hot-button issues like climate change and genetic engineering.

'Into The Wild' Author Tries Science To Solve Toxic Seed Mystery

Jon Krakauer has long been haunted by how Christopher McCandless died in the Alaskan wilderness. In a scientific journal, he and a chemist show that the seeds McCandless consumed can contain a toxin.

Urine For A Surprise: Your Pee Might Reveal Your Risk For Obesity

There are clues about your activity level and metabolism in urine. Researchers hope to one day predict obesity risk by tracking the different levels and ratios of certain molecules in pee.

Pillars Of Creation May Be Gone In 'An Eye Blink In Cosmic Time'

That, in case you're wondering, is another 3 million years. Astronomers made that calculation after producing the first 3-D view of the pillars made famous by the Hubble Space Telescope.

Does Reading Harry Potter Have An Effect On Your Behavior?

New research suggests that school kids who read and identify with Harry Potter display more positive attitudes toward people from disadvantaged groups.

Western Hemisphere Wipes Out Its Third Virus

It took 15 years and 250 million vaccines, but this week, health authorities officially declared North America and South America free of rubella — a virus that can cause severe birth defects.

NASA Spacecraft Crashes Into Mercury, Concluding 4-Year Study Of Planet

A NASA spacecraft plunged into the planet Mercury on Thursday. It's demise comes after four years of studying our solar system's innermost planet.