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The Republican National Convention

Aug. 27 - Aug. 30 in Tampa, Fla.

WAMU will cover the major stories at the conventions and explain how they effect people living in the D.C. area. Check back regularly for updates. Note: The Convention has been postponed until Tuesday, Aug. 28

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Four Years Later McCain's Reception Is Much Different

For the 2008 Republican presidential nominee, this just wasn't his show. On his 76th birthday he got respect, but not adoration.

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Analysis: After RNC Speech, Ann Romney Poised To Handle National Stage

Ann Romney took center stage at the Republican National Convention Tuesday night, and Professor Anita McBride explains that her warm reception was no surprise, given Mrs. Romney's background.


Some Gay Republicans See Platform Setback As Sign 'Victory Is Near'

Republicans have strong language opposing same-sex marriage in their official platform. While some Log Cabin Republicans are discouraged, others think the vehement opposition they are facing is a sign they're making progress.

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A View From The Floor Of The RNC: Maryland Delegate Ellen Sauerbrey

Maryland RNC delegate Ellen Sauerbrey talks with Kojo Nnamdi about how Mitt Romney can appeal to Marylanders, the GOP's challenges with Latino voters and why she's still involved in politics after all these years.

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Analysis: McDonnell, O'Malley Take Different Stages At RNC

National Journal Hotline's Reid Wilson talks about McDonnell's role at the RNC, as well as the role other local politicians are playing — or not playing at the conventions.

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Virginia Republicans See A Star In Artur Davis

Virginia Republican are setting their sights on Artur Davis, the former Democratic Congressman who has changed parties and moved to Northern Virginia, possibly to take on one of the area's toughest Democrats in 2014.


Convention Lineup Aside, Minority Votes Still A Tough Sell For GOP

Mitt Romney's strategy for November relies on white working-class voters — perhaps too heavily, some analysts suggest, given the growing share of the electorate made up of nonwhites. It's an issue the party is trying to address at its convention, with a speaker lineup loaded with high-profile minority officeholders.

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RNC 2012 Roundup: Ann Romney Steals Show, Gov. McDonnell Makes Rounds

Ann Romney took the stage at the Republican National Convention yesterday along with a host of Republican governors; one of them, Gov. Bob McDonnell, is a local politician showing up more and more on the national stage.


GOP Reaches Out To Women More In Convention Programming Than In Platform Writing

The Republican National Convention is trying to build a bridge to more female voters.

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Convention Night Call-In: RNC Tuesday

Before the prime time speeches at the Republican National Convention on Tuesday, host Brian Lehrer heard from reports and analysts, including WAMU Virginia reporter Michael Pope.