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The Republican National Convention

Aug. 27 - Aug. 30 in Tampa, Fla.

WAMU will cover the major stories at the conventions and explain how they effect people living in the D.C. area. Check back regularly for updates. Note: The Convention has been postponed until Tuesday, Aug. 28

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Reports: Clint Eastwood Will Make Republicans' Day

There was speculation earlier in the week that "Dirty Harry" would make an appearance at the GOP convention. Now we're seeing reports that it's confirmed.


Janesville Debate: Dissecting Ryan's Claim, Obama's 'Promise' & The Facts

There are claims flying back and forth today over whether Republican vice presidential nominee Paul Ryan has falsely accused President Obama of breaking a promise to make sure a GM plant in Ryan's hometown stayed open. Let's look at the facts.


CNN Camerawoman: Racial Taunts Aimed At Her Could Happen Anywhere

"This situation could happen to me at the Democratic convention or standing on the street corner. Racism is a global issue," CNN camerawoman Patricia Carroll says of an ugly incident that happened inside the arena at the Republican National Convention.

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View From The Convention Floor: Virginia Lieutenant Governor Bill Bolling

Virginia Lieutenant Governor Bill Bolling talks about his party's Romney-Ryan ticket, the endless political ads bombarding residents of his state, and his upcoming campaign for the governor's seat. 

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RNC Roundup: Paul Ryan Revs Up The Crowd, Condi In 2016?

Paul Ryan and Condoleezza Rice headlined the Republican National Convention Wednesday as delegates talked about how to reach out to voting blocs typically outside their base. 

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Opinions Split On Ryan's Medicare Plan

At the Republican National Convention, delegates from the region say Vice Presidential nominee Paul Ryan's plan to overhaul Medicare isn't a liability.


In A Picture: Ryan's Speech Was Much Ado About Obama

In a picture, the words Rep. Paul Ryan used in accepting the Republican Party's vice presidential nomination show he had a lot to say about President Obama. He wasn't applauding the president's performance.


Ryan's Speech Revives The Spirit Of Jack Kemp, War Over Reaganomics

Rep. Paul Ryan demonstrated in his convention speech that he's a true believer, much like two previous politicians he has sought to emulate: Ronald Reagan and Jack Kemp. Kemp's economic ideas were controversial decades ago, but they've gained new life in the vice presidential nominee's budget plan.


Ryan Rips Obama, Sets Table For Romney

With a jutting chin and growing fearlessness, Republican vice presidential candidate Paul Ryan delivered a GOP convention takedown of President Obama Wednesday night, catapulting an already ugly campaign to a whole new level.


Five Takeaways From Wednesday At The Republican Convention

Republicans united behind their nominees tonight, as they emphasized why they think former Gov. Mitt Romney and Rep. Paul Ryan are the best leaders for the nation. But there was much more to absorb from the evening at the GOP convention.