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Tim LaHaye, Evangelical Legend Behind 'Left Behind' Series, Dies At 90

LaHaye was the co-author of the best-selling series of books about the rapture. He was the author of scores of nonfiction books as well.

Philadelphia Muslims Hope New Mosque Brings Revitalization

A Muslim community that has been in Philadelphia since the 1920s is finally building its own mosque, which it hopes will help revitalize the neighborhood.

In Tibet, A Long-Banned Buddhist Rite Takes Place, But Not Everyone's Pleased

The Beijing-selected Panchen Lama is conducting a key Tibetan Buddhist ritual. It's the first time in 50 years the rite has taken place in Tibet. Critics say that's because China wants more control.

Tim Kaine's Pastor Describes The Veep Pick's Life As A Devout Catholic

Tim Kaine has worn many hats in Virginia politics: Richmond mayor, governor, senator. He's also a recognizable face at a majority-black Catholic church in Richmond — and has been for 30 years.

Give Chickpeas A Chance: Why Hummus Unites, And Divides, The Mideast

Nothing is simple in Mideast relations. Not even hummus. Lebanon, Israel and Palestinians are entangled over who owns the dish. Not even the title of world's largest hummus platter settled the matter.

Scholars Argue Prosecutions Against Muslim Liberals Don't Follow Islamic Teachings

Free-thinking bloggers in some Muslim countries face criminal prosecution and even death for expressing their ideas. There are Islamic scholars who say this is a distortion of what Islam teaches.

United Methodist Church Elects First Openly Gay Bishop, In Defiance Of Church Rules

Members of the United Methodist Church are deeply divided about homosexuality. Rev. Karen Oliveto's election puts the church in a "place where we have never been," said one bishop.

Are Trump Supporters Nostalgic For A Fading White, Christian America?

NPR's Linda Wertheimer speaks with Robert P. Jones, author of "The End of White Christian America."
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Robert P. Jones: "The End Of White Christian America"

The CEO of the Public Religion Research Institute on the diminishing political power of white Christians in the United States, and what it means for the 2016 election.


Forgetting Isn't Healing: Lessons From Elie Wiesel

Calls for racial healing often focus on putting the painful past behind us. NPR's Sonari Glinton remembers the man who taught him never to forget: Holocaust survivor and Nobel laureate Elie Wiesel.