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The Dalai Lama Talks Chinese Reforms, Tibetan Challenges

"China can no longer isolate itself," says the religious leader, who praises Chinese President Xi Jinping for fighting corruption. He also says Tibetans don't need a Dalai Lama any more.

Muslims In Minnesota Weigh Whether To Expel Or Engage At-Risk Youth

After several young people left to join ISIS, leaders are considering which approach to take with marginalized youth. Boston's experience with the marathon bombing suspects may be instructive.
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Singing And Praying Band's Traditions Stretch Back To Slavery

The Singing and Praying Bands of Maryland and Delaware have been key in the African-American Methodist community for generations.


In NFL Game, A Slide And A Prayer Spur Debate And Clarification

The NFL sides with fans who criticized an unsportsmanlike-conduct penalty called on a Muslim player who prostrated himself in the end zone Monday night.

Millennial Jews Do An About-Face, Start Keeping Kosher

According to a 2013 Pew Research Center study, nearly a fourth of millennial Jews are keeping kosher. That's almost twice the rate of their baby-boomer parents.

In The Rural West, 'Roving Rabbis' Reach Isolated Jews

Each year, hundreds of Hasidic rabbinical students travel to far-flung towns that don't have thriving Jewish communities, encouraging rural Jews to reconnect with their faith and be more observant.

Radical Muslim Cleric Reportedly Among 9 Arrested In Britain

Anjem Choudary, the former head of al-Muhajiroun, is said to be among those arrested on suspicion of encouraging terrorism or supporting a banned organization.

Prominent Muslim Sheik Issues Fatwa Against ISIS Violence

Sheik Abdullah bin Bayyah is considered one of the most influential Muslims in the world. As a respected scholar, he has issued edicts to explain why groups such as the Islamic State have it wrong.

Vatican Arrests One Of Its Own On Child Sex Abuse Charges

For the first time, the Vatican has put one of its own under house arrest for alleged sex abuse of minors. Josef Wesolowski is the Vatican's former ambassador to the Dominican Republic and was defrocked in June.

The Gefilte Fish Line: A Sweet And Salty History Of Jewish Identity

Gefilte fish can be a hard sell even in its standard savory form. But some European Jews like it sweet, a preference that, surprisingly, overlaps exactly with a geographic and linguistic divide.