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In Israel, A New Battle Over Who Qualifies As Jewish

Government rabbis decide who is officially Jewish, which affects issues including marriage and divorce. But religious and political rivals have started their own system for conversion.

An Evangelical Leader's Changing Views On Gun Ownership

As legislators fail to find solutions to mass shootings, evangelical minister Rob Schenck thinks religious groups have a part to play in educating people about guns and their relationships with them.

Family Wakes London Neighborhood's Diversity In A Funeral Home

John Harris's family has buried Cockney East Enders in style for generations. But London has changed, so the funeral home now has washrooms for Hindus and will soon make room for Muslim rites as well.

6 Palestinians Killed In Clashes With Israeli Soldiers

Israeli troops killed several Palestinians in clashes and there were a series of separate stabbing attacks as violence increased over access to Jerusalem sites holy to both sides.

'Not In God's Name' Confronts Religious Violence With A 'Different Voice'

NPR's Robert Siegel talks with Rabbi Lord Jonathan Sacks about his new book, Not in God's Name: Confronting Religious Violence.
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Geraldine Brooks: "The Secret Chord"

A new novel by the Pulitzer Prize-winning author of "March" reinterprets the life of King David as he journeys from humble origins to become the slayer of Goliath and the ruler of a kingdom.


Bishops Question How To Achieve Pope's Vision Of An Inclusive Church

Pope Francis has opened an assembly of bishops to talk about issues facing families — such as marriage, divorce and contraception. He reiterated that the Catholic church opposes same-sex marriage.

The Synod Could Be The Defining Moment Of Francis' Papacy

Sunday is the first day of a three-week meeting of Catholic bishops to tackle questions of marriage, divorce and homosexuality — issues that go to the heart of what it means to be a Catholic.

Pope's Visit Brings Focus To Tenuous Intersection Of Faith And Politics

Many Americans are reassessing Pope Francis' triumphant U.S. tour because of his meeting with Kentucky county clerk Kim Davis.

Hijab-Wearing Model Appears In H&M Ad, A First For Fashion Giant

When H&M put a Muslim girl in a headscarf in an online ad this summer, it prompted celebration among Hijabi fashionistas. Is it a sign that the public is more open to Muslim culture?