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Baptist Preacher: Compel Congregants, Don't 'Guilt' Them

Pastor Amy Butler will take the helm of New York City's progressive Riverside Church later this year. She discusses her desire to become a faith leader and explains her vision.

Largest U.S. Presbyterian Denomination OKs Marrying Gay Couples

The Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.) has voted to change its definition of marriage to "two people" and allow its pastors to officiate at same-sex weddings in states where such marriages are legal.

As More Latinos Drop Religion, Should GOP Be Extra Worried?

The percentage of Hispanics who aren't affiliated with a particular religion is ticking upward. This demographic tends to be more socially liberal, too, which may have political consequences.
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The Mysterious Past And Uncertain Future Of D.C.'s Only Known Synagogue Mural

Inside a D.C. home slated for redevelopment this summer, you can find the city's only known synagogue mural.
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Moving The Synagogue Again: A New Museum For D.C.'s Jewish Community (Rebroadcast)

The Jewish Historical Society of Greater Washington is planning a new museum that will bring the story of Washington's Jewish community to life.


A Christian Climate Scientist's Mission To Convert Non-Believers

Katharine Hayhoe is an atmospheric scientist and a devout Christian working to convince her fellow Christians that climate change is real. "God gave us the brains to make good choices," she says.

Pope To Host Peres And Abbas For Peace Meeting

Israeli and Palestinian presidents will meet at the Vatican on Sunday for an "intense prayer session" with Pope Francis. European correspondent Sylvia Poggioli sets the scene with NPR's Rachel Martin.

Lessons From The Language Boot Camp For Mormon Missionaries

The Missionary Training Center, which prepares young adults to spread the Gospel around the world, is recognized as a model for language instruction. And the program only takes a few weeks.

An Open, Dark Secret: Ireland Reacts To Mass Grave Of Children

The bodies of hundreds of children were recently discovered in the Irish town of Tuam, left behind a former home for unmarried mothers. Alison O'Reilly of The Irish Mail broke the story, and she speaks with Robert Siegel about the mass grave and reactions to the news.

Rabbi: American Jews Should Not Worry About Anti-Semitism

A new survey from the Anti-Defamation League estimates that nearly one in 10 Americans are prejudiced against Jews. But Rabbi Eric Yoffie says American anti-Semitism is not a real threat.