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The Ramadan Breakfast Of Champions To Get You Through A Day's Fast

Ramadan this year falls in the height of summer when days are longest. Many observant Muslims are fasting 16 hours a day or longer, so their pre-dawn breakfast needs to be hydrating and satiating.

The Pope Visits Bolivia's Notorious Palmasola Prison

Pope Francis's Latin American tour brought him on Friday to one of Bolivia's most violent prisons. Sarah Marsh, the Reuters Latin America correspondent, was there and tells NPR's Arun Rath what conditions are like for the inmates and how they responded to the Pope's message.

Pope Francis Apologizes For 'Grave Sins' Against Native People Of America

NPR's Kelly McEvers talks with Nicole Winfield, an Associated Press reporter currently on tour with the Pope, about his apology for the church's crimes committed against the native people of America.

Bemused Or Irritated? Pope Reacts To Gift Of 'Communist Crucifix'

Francis received an unusual gift from Bolivian President Evo Morales — a crucifix in the shape of a hammer and sickle.

Evangelical Pastors Gather To Learn Another Calling: Politics

Hundreds of conservative evangelical pastors across the country are being trained to run for political office. The project is part of an effort to mobilize an "army" to do battle in the culture wars.

Debate In Oklahoma Widens Over 10 Commandments Monument

The state's high court has ruled the monument must be removed from the Capitol. The governor said the monument will stay. Lawmakers are threatening to impeach the state's Supreme Court justices.

Russia Vetoes U.N. Proposal To Call Srebrenica 'Genocide'

Twenty years ago, the international community failed to protect Bosnian Muslims in what was supposed to be a United Nations safe zone in Bosnia. Russia blocked a UN Security Council resolution on Wednesday that would have condemned the Srebrenica massacre as an act of genocide.
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Pope's Speech To Congress To Be Broadcast From Capitol

Jumbotrons, typically used for Memorial Day and July Fourth celebrations as well as for presidential inaugurations, will be set up on the West Front of the Capitol for the speech in September.


Pope Francis Delights Crowds In Ecuador, Moves On To Boliva

The pope wrapped up the first leg of his South American mission which is focused on aiding the poor. Over the last 3 days, he was a crowd pleaser in Ecuador. He next visits Bolivia and then Paraguay.

Muslim Children Participate In Ramadan Rituals: Fasting And Prayers

Islam's holy month of Ramadan means the devout are fasting from dawn to dusk. Most who fast are adults but so do many children. Ramadan, however, can mean different things to different kids.